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JerryRigEverything tests the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX's durability, walks away impressed

The Xiaomi Mi MIX is a phone many have been dreaming of; it manages to cram a 6.4" display into a footprint barely larger than the 5.5" Pixel XL's or iPhone 7 Plus's. That's definitely impressive, but what about the strength of such a phone? Given Xiaomi's poor track record against the wrath of Zack from JerryRigEverything and the minimal bezels surrounding the screen, you'd be entirely forgiven for thinking the Mi MIX is a weak device. However, you'd also be quite wrong.

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Xiaomi announces the Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 Standard, and Redmi 4 Pro

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled three new devices today: the Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 Standard Edition, and Redmi 4 Pro Edition. These enter the very popular Redmi family of mid-range affordable phones. All three bring metal constructions, 5" screens, and Marshmallow for astoundingly amazing price points. 

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Xiaomi seriously considering a US phone launch in the next year or two, hints Hugo Barra

The Chinese smartphone upstart known as Xiaomi has had its sights set on the United States for quite a while, but only now is that really coming to a head. In a recent interview with Engadget, Xiaomi's Global VP, and former Googler, Hugo Barra revealed that Xiaomi phones are being actively tested in the US in preparation for a launch sometime in the next two years.

For a US launch, if the respective phone manufacturer wants to partner with the carriers, a lot of very rigorous device testing is required beforehand, in the lab and in field tests, both of which are notoriously tough.

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Xiaomi makes the Mi Note 2 and Mi VR headset official

You probably heard all the buzz earlier around that new Xiaomi phone with basically no bezels. That device rather overshadowed the slightly more conventional (and probably more usable) Mi Note 2. This device has high-end specs, a curved display, and support for global LTE.

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[What bezel?] Xiaomi Mi Mix is a 6.4" giant phone with 91.3% screen-to-body ratio

At an event in Beijing today, Xiaomi announced what it called a "concept phone" but that pretty much appears to be real and alive given the price tag, release date, and working prototypes that everyone got to play with. The selling point? No bezels. Well, there are some bezels, technically, but they barely count as such.

The Mi Mix, which is the name of this magical device, has a huge 6.4" screen in a body that seems to be almost the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus. Xiaomi achieved this by using every inch of the front of the device to the maximum, including rounding out the display at the corners to remove the tiniest of borders.

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Xiaomi Mi Box Review: The best deal around for Android TV... for what it's worth

There's a race to the bottom in the home entertainment world, created by the lower pricing for set-top boxes, the near ubiquity of built-in "smart" features for new televisions, and not least, Google's own low-priced efforts with the Chromecast. Compared to the rock-bottom pricing of gadgets like the Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the market-dominating Roku boxes, Android TV is in a pickle. Stand-alone ATV units start at around $100, which is more expensive than the Roku you might buy (or the apps that come free with your TV), and less expensive than the home game console you might already have.

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The Mi Box is officially launching today for $69

Google unveiled the Mi Box with Android TV way back in May at Google I/O. Then for months, nothing. We were starting to wonder if the device would ever come out when it began appearing on Walmart shelves last month. Now, the Mi Box is official. It's going on sale today on and at Walmart for $69.

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Xiaomi announces Mi5s and Mi5s Plus with Snapdragon 821 and more new features

The Xiaomi Mi5 was only released a couple of months ago, but the Chinese company is already refreshing it with some improved specifications. In addition, Xiaomi has announced a larger version of the Mi5s, the aptly-named Mi5s Plus. (Does this naming scheme remind you of a certain fruit company's?) Both handsets sport excellent internals and great price tags.

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A wild Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV appears at Walmart, costs $69

According to a helpful commenter who provided this photo, a Walmart (location unknown) is currently selling Xiaomi's not-actually-out-yet Mi Box. The price? $69. Not bad at all - great, even. Xiaomi has not indicated when it plans to release the device specifically, but if this is any indication, you can probably guess "pretty soon."

So, it may not be a bad idea to call up your local Walmart and see if they made the same mistake - this could be more widespread than we know. And at $69, that's an easy impulse buy, am I right?

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Xiaomi introduces mobile payment solution Mi Pay with support for cards from 20 banks in China

The mobile payments solution market is quickly becoming crowded and complicated. Depending on the country you live in, the device you carry, the smartphone OS it runs, the bank you get your cards from, and maybe even your operator, chances are you have to use a very specific payment solution. And vendors, banks, developers, are left to figure out a way to make it work for the largest number of customers.

Chinese users with a Xiaomi phone will have one more option now: Mi Pay. Launching today with China UnionPay, a large payment network similar to Visa and Mastercard, Mi Pay supports credit cards from 20 banks and debit cards from 12, including Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, and China Merchants Bank, as well as public transportation cards from six cities (that's another known payment method in China). The

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