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Get 15% off a brand new TCL 10L or 10 Pro

TCL may not be the most well known Android OEM, but its devices usually pack a solid punch for the price. When we reviewed the 10L earlier this year, we called it a very good deal at the retail price. The higher-end 10 Pro didn't fare quite so well, getting dinged in the camera department in particular, but we appreciated the decent performance and battery life. Both phones are even easier to recommend now that they're currently 15% off at Amazon and Best Buy.

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TCL's latest TVs run Android TV, starting at $130

TCL isn't just content to move into the smartphone business. The company is also expanding its now well-known TV lineup to include Android TV-powered models here in the US as well — so far as we're concerned as the Android Police, that's a step up in smarts compared to the previous Roku models. Two new 3-Series Android TV-powered models are available now through Best Buy. And though they aren't the biggest or highest-resolution TVs out there, they are cheap.

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Netflix confirms official HD support for ASUS ROG II, ZenFone 6, and new TCL phones

Not all Android devices can stream from Netflix at the same quality, the company is actually a little bit picky about it, certifying individual devices for different features. While the list sometimes lags a bit behind reality, Netflix now says that TCL's latest phones (the 10 Pro and 10L) are now HD-compatible, together with the Asus ROG II and ZenFone 6.

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Review: The TCL 10 Pro fails to stand out in a crowded mid-range market

TCL has released plenty of smartphones under the BlackBerry and Alcatel banners, but last year's Plex was the company's first self-branded phone. Next week, two new devices join the young family: the super-cheap TCL 10L and the mid-range TCL 10 Pro. At $449, the 10 Pro gets a lot right — but unpolished UI and shoddy image processing hamper what could have been an interesting player in the budget space.

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TCL 10L review: Stretching what you get for $250

It's not often we get a new name in the Android ecosystem, but following its freshman Plex, TCL is putting its best foot forward with three new phones this year. So far as I'm concerned, it's the budget-oriented TCL 10L that's the star of the lineup. With flagship prices skyrocketing to well over a thousand dollars, this $250 phone better serves a bigger audience. But software is a question — in more ways than one.

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TCL’s SOCL500TWS are the true wireless earbuds that’ll cure your stay-at-home blues

Think back, way back to CES 2020. Remember when we tech journalists still travelled (in airplanes!) to trade shows and covered the crap out of them? Those were the days! It all seems like ages ago now. But I digress… Back at CES in January, among the plethora of devices TCL announced -- all the TVs, cool phones, and even prototypes -- were these unassuming true wireless earbuds, the SOCL500TWS (ugh, that name). They gave everyone in the media a pair.

I didn’t think much of them at the time. Sure, I was intrigued by the reasonable $80 price tag and the colorful translucent design, but quickly forgot about them.

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TCL's new mid-range 10 series looks like a killer value, based on official pricing

TCL has taken today to remind us that it's upcoming 10-series of phones is, well, still upcoming. Reiterating most of the details we learned back at CES, we were previously told that more details for the phones would land at MWC — which, of course, didn't happen. In its latest announcement, TCL has added a few new pieces of information for its three upcoming, self-branded handsets, including more precise specs, pricing, and availability.

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TCL doesn't have a folding phone to sell you, but it does have more ideas for one

The folding phone market is heating up, and while smartphone manufacturer TCL has shown off concepts for some of its potential foldables, the company has yet to announce a concrete product. That isn't changing, but TCL today unveiled two new form factors it's exploring: a phone with a pull-out display, and one with a tri-fold design.

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TCL prototype leak appears to reveal phone with slide-out screen

Folding phones are so hot right now, but there are still many Android OEMs that haven't taken a crack at the idea. TCL showed off an early prototype of a Galaxy Fold-like device at CES earlier this year, and now it looks like the company might be working on something much different.

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All the companies that have withdrawn from MWC

The coronavirus outbreak is shaking up the tech world, leading to factory and store shutdowns all over China. This could mean we'll see some production shortages, but fears of the virus spread also have more tangible effects. Many companies have decided to withdraw from or limit their availability at MWC 2020, slated to begin February 24. To hinder contamination, the fair organizer GSMA has put a vast number of actions in motion to keep attendees as safe as possible.

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