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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZs is down to $399.99 ($200 off) at Amazon

People clearly like slow-motion videos, given The Slow Mo Guys' 9.8 million subscribers on YouTube. If you're planning on shooting some seriously slowed-down videos, you don't have many options, and most of them are prohibitively expensive. However, some of Sony's latest phones can shoot 960fps video, with the Xperia XZs being one of them. Now you can pick one up for $399.99 on Amazon, $200 less than its list price.

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[Update: X Performance joins the list] Android 8.0 Oreo now rolling out to Sony Xperia XZ and XZs

Sony's phones don't have a working fingerprint sensor in the US, have confusing names, and are almost always expensive. But software updates is where Sony really shines, and now the company is updating two more phones to Oreo.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZs is just $499.99 ($100 off) at Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, and Jet

Sony Xperia phones aren't particularly popular here in the US, but perhaps a price drop on one of its latest phones, the XZs, may change that just a little bit. Multiple retailers are currently offering this 960fps slow motion-capable device for $499.99, a full $100 off its MSRP.

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AOSP Android Oreo can now be compiled for Xperias through Sony's Open Devices program

Sony may not come to mind as one of the most developer-friendly mobile tech companies out there, but its Open Devices program proves otherwise. The latest fruits of this creation come in the form of AOSP Android 8.0 Oreo, which is now available for six Xperia smartphones.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZ for $329.99 and XZs for $515.00 at Daily Steals with our exclusive coupon ($70-80 off)

Sony has stuck to their design language over the years, offering a level of consistency that no other OEM can approach. Whether you have come to love or hate the bezel, the XZ and XZs are both great devices that offer the same Sony experience and software we've all come to expect. And, right now, you can pick up both the XZ ($329.99) and XZs ($515) brand new over at Daily Steals with our exclusive discount codes.  

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Sony announces three new Xperia phones at IFA 2017, the XZ1, XZ1 Compact, and XA1 Plus

Here at IFA 2017 in Berlin, Sony has taken the opportunity to unveil its latest flagship devices. The Xperia XZ1 and its Compact sibling are here to replace the year-old XZ and X Compact, and they offer slightly updated designs with the latest Snapdragon 835 processors, plus they'll also be among the first devices to ship with Android 8.0 Oreo. The mid-range 5.5" Xperia XA1 Plus was also introduced to fill the gaping hole between the 5" XA1 and 6" XA1 Ultra.

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Sony lists the devices that will get Android Oreo 8.0

At its IFA press conference, Sony announced several new devices and importantly, it also let us know which existing phones will be updated to Android Oreo 8.0. For the past few years, Sony has been one of the best (if not the absolute fastest) companies at updating its existing portfolio of devices to the new versions of Android, even keeping relatively old phones on top of the update cycle in relatively fast manner.

It continues to be the case with Oreo 8.0, as Sony has announced several devices from its catalogue will get the update at some point in the future.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Sony Xperia XZs for $546.50 from Amazon ($153.49 off)

In light of today's big phone announcement, you'd be forgiven for lamenting the fact that phones continue to climb higher and higher in price. Speaking of over-priced devices, you can get yourself an unlocked Sony Xperia XZs with a U.S. warranty for $546.50, meaning that you'll save $153.49 off of the total MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZs is $579 ($120 off) on Amazon

The Xperia XZs was announced in February, alongside the XZ Premium. It's a slightly-upgraded model of the 2016 Xperia XZ, with Sony's 'Motion Eye' camera sensor capable of recording 960fps slow-motion video. The phone initially sold for a whopping $699 in the United States, but it has fallen in price a few times since, and now you can get it for $579 on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Sony Xperia XZs down to $620 at Amazon ($64 off)

It seems to be the night of back-to-back Sony phone deals. Just a few weeks ago we posted that the Xperia XZs (I will never understand Sony's naming scheme) was down to $658 over on Amazon. Now it's gotten down to $619.99, but just for the black model. The XZs is a mid-season refresh of last year's XZ, featuring an updated camera and a bit of extra RAM. Although the 1.22µm pixels in the new camera aren't the largest, it does have a high 19MP resolution and can shoot in 4K, as well as 960fps slow motion video.

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