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[Update: X Performance joins the list] Android 8.0 Oreo now rolling out to Sony Xperia XZ and XZs

Sony's phones don't have a working fingerprint sensor in the US, have confusing names, and are almost always expensive. But software updates is where Sony really shines, and now the company is updating two more phones to Oreo.

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[Deal Alert] Pick up the black Sony Xperia XZ F8331 for $305 ($70 off)

I think my favorite part of the holiday season is all of the sales that you can find on various items. Among those, phones are commonplace. It's a great time to pick up yesteryear's goodies at very low prices. This Deal Alert is just that: B&H has the black Sony Xperia XZ (F8331) for $304.99, saving you $70.

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AOSP Android Oreo can now be compiled for Xperias through Sony's Open Devices program

Sony may not come to mind as one of the most developer-friendly mobile tech companies out there, but its Open Devices program proves otherwise. The latest fruits of this creation come in the form of AOSP Android 8.0 Oreo, which is now available for six Xperia smartphones.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZ for $329.99 and XZs for $515.00 at Daily Steals with our exclusive coupon ($70-80 off)

Sony has stuck to their design language over the years, offering a level of consistency that no other OEM can approach. Whether you have come to love or hate the bezel, the XZ and XZs are both great devices that offer the same Sony experience and software we've all come to expect. And, right now, you can pick up both the XZ ($329.99) and XZs ($515) brand new over at Daily Steals with our exclusive discount codes.  

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Sony lists the devices that will get Android Oreo 8.0

At its IFA press conference, Sony announced several new devices and importantly, it also let us know which existing phones will be updated to Android Oreo 8.0. For the past few years, Sony has been one of the best (if not the absolute fastest) companies at updating its existing portfolio of devices to the new versions of Android, even keeping relatively old phones on top of the update cycle in relatively fast manner.

It continues to be the case with Oreo 8.0, as Sony has announced several devices from its catalogue will get the update at some point in the future.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZ with free 64GB microSD card is just $399.99 ($300 off) on Amazon

The Sony Xperia XZ debuted in the US with a rather astronomical MSRP of $700, but ten months later, the price has calmed down to more reasonable levels. This latest figure of $399.99 with a free 64GB microSD card is one of the best offers we've seen yet, and it's available for all three colors.

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Xperia XZ and X Performance are the first Sony devices to get Android 7.1.1

Sony has been pretty quick with Android updates recently, at least for its highest profile handsets. The Xperia XZ and X Performance were the first Sony phones to see an update to Android 7.0 Nougat, and that was just 3 months after Google's Pixel and Nexus devices received it. Now, Sony is building on this good work by bringing the Android 7.1.1 update to both its flagships.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Sony Xperia XZ for $430 ($220 off) with a U.S. warranty from eBay

Sony has the tendency to significantly over-price its phones, with the Xperia XZ from last year being no exception. Since its launch a few months ago, it has steadily dropped in price. But now, you can grab one for $429.99, which a nice savings of $220. Oh, and you get free standard shipping and a U.S. warranty to boot.

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Weekend poll: What phone do you think stole the show at MWC 2017?

MWC 2017 is over, and now we all know what was unveiled. Sony, Motorola, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry Huawei, and others all unveiled new smartphones ranging from the most basic to flagship-level, and this weekend's poll will have you pick among some of the most prominent contenders for a winner.

To give you a brief rundown, the highlights were: the LG G6, Sony's Xperia XZ Premium, BlackBerry's KeyONE, Huawei's P10, Nokia's various Android phones (and the 3310), and Moto's G5 and G5 Plus.

Between them, who do you think came away with the lion's share of the glory?

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZ is now $449.99 on Amazon ($200 off)

One tradition with Sony smartphones is that they are nearly always overpriced at launch. Sony's latest flagship, the 2016 Xperia XZ, was no exception - it started at a whopping $699. Although the official MSRP has been marked down to $649 since then, you can now get it from Amazon for just $449.99.

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