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OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20+: Which is the better value?

The OnePlus 8 Pro is the company's newest flagship, and its most expensive one ever (by a long shot). It's a straight-up flagship with no real missing features to speak of, either, even finally boasting proper water resistance and super fast wireless charging. Equipped and priced as the phone is, it's in direct competition with other large, premium devices from big manufacturers — like, for example, Samsung's Galaxy S20+. Here, we discuss which of the two is a better bargain.

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Samsung releases Home Up, a Good Lock add-on to further customize your homescreen

Samsung's Good Lock is a massively popular app that lets you customize your Galaxy device, and was recently updated to support Android 10 and One UI 2.0. Samsung has now released Home Up, a module for Good Lock that allows the user to extensively fine-tune their homescreen folders, including their appearances and backgrounds.

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Camera showdown: Does the OnePlus 8 Pro beat Pixel 4 and Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Increasingly, our phones are the only cameras we own, and their imaging capabilities have skyrocketed in the last few years. More cameras, more angles, more megapixels, more zoom: every manufacturer is racing to be the king of smartphone photography. But hardware isn't everything, and if there's one thing we've learned from years of OnePlus phones, it's that the company hasn't always been at the head of the pack when it comes to snaps. But OnePlus has made slow but steady progress, adding new hardware and software enhancements with each release. Its latest top-of-the-line is the OnePlus 8 Pro, which sports four camera sensors on the back.

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YouTube can better use the Z Flip's folding screen starting today

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is getting a new software feature for its "Flex mode," which changes app interfaces depending on the angle of the hinge. An update to the YouTube app rolling out today will deliver new Flex mode tweaks to Google's streaming app, separating video from the description/comments/recommendations while playing content.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumors hint at big upgrades

The first folding-screen Galaxy got off to a rough start when many units started failing left and right, halting its retail release for several months. It didn't turn out to be a smash hit even later, mainly due to its sky-high pricing. Samsung’s reincarnated flip phone for 2020 wasn’t a true successor to the Galaxy Fold, but it did help iron out some of the initial design complications and helped make foldables more affordable. Now a new report claims that the second generation of Samsung's ultra-premium foldable would take cues from both the Galaxy Z Flip and the recent S20 line.

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LineageOS 17.1 adds support for Galaxy S9, Xperia XA2 Plus, and more phones

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM in existence, boasting official support for dozens of devices. The first Android 10 builds arrived earlier this month, and Lineage has continued to add to the roster of supported phones since then. The last time we covered the LineageOS 17.1, builds for the Nexus 6 and first-gen Pixels had just arrived, and there are even more additions now.

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Samsung Galaxy Watches will soon be able to read your blood pressure

Samsung has been working on adding blood pressure measurements to its wearables for a while. It launched a limited test of that feature for the original Watch Active back in 2019, and now, about a year later, the company has announced that the South Korean government has authorized its brand-new Health Monitor app. It's capable of taking blood pressure with nothing but the Watch Active2 (plus some calibration help from a traditional cuff) and will be available in the country in the third quarter of 2020.

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Should you buy a OnePlus 8, or a Galaxy S20?

OnePlus' newest phones are more expensive than ever, and even with a more "affordable" variant, that definitely doesn't mean budget phone anymore. The OnePlus 8, not even, the Pro, is a $700 phone. That means it's going up against other premiere 5G handsets like the Galaxy S20 on both features and price ⁠— the 256GB OnePlus 8 costs just as much as the base Galaxy S20 right now.

With the phones clearly going after a similar part of the market (at least for the moment), which should you get? That's what we'll try to answer here.

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How to save screenshots as PNG on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung's custom version of Android, One UI, includes plenty of great features and changes. However, there are also some parts of One UI that are just strange — like how screenshots are saved in the compressed JPEG format, instead of the default PNG format that stock Android uses. Sure, it saves a small bit of storage space, but the images usually look terrible once they are shared.

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Galaxy S20 review: After a month in my pocket, I think this is the one to buy

The Galaxy S20 is Samsung's most expensive "entry level" flagship to date. When a phone starts at a thousand dollars, it's easy to begin questioning just how much smartphone you need, versus what you may just want (and let's be honest, we're all guilty of upselling ourselves sometimes). But as the US begins the long transition to 5G cellular networks and smartphones begin to support them, it's becoming valid to ask just when an upgrade is necessary, and just which phones will be suited to best handle the next few years of mobile technological disruption.

While we think the Galaxy S20 Ultra is simply too much money and too much phone for most people, the base model Galaxy S20 offers a far more approachable size and price point, while losing very little functionally in the process.

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