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Think the S20 livestream looks mediocre? It’s because Samsung is filming it on S20s

If you've been wondering why the quality of Samsung's Unpacked live stream has been a bit iffy and at least partly mediocre, suffering from some strange colors and crushed shadows, the company may have just issued an explanation: It's filming the event from a Galaxy S20.

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Samsung is baking Google Duo into the Galaxy S20's dialer app

Out of all of Google's recent messaging efforts, at least one has been an actual hit, reaching near-ubiquity for Android users: Duo. The video messaging app/service has also caught Samsung's attention, and the company has just announced that Duo will see direct integration into Samsung's Galaxy S20.

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Here's what every camera on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does

Samsung's latest and greatest takes flagship smartphone pricing to another level, but at least the $1,400 Galaxy S20 Ultra supposedly promises some of the most dramatic camera improvements the series has seen in recent years. It features a quad-camera system that includes a 108MP main sensor (f/1.8), 12MP ultra-wide (120˚, f/2.2), 48MP telephoto (f/3.5), and a depth sensor thrown in for good measure. On the front, there's a 40MP selfie cam (80˚, f/2.2). Let's take a look at what this pricey camera array is capable of.

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The standard Galaxy S20 doesn't support mmWave 5G—here's why

While the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra come packed with support for the latest mmWave 5G connectivity here in the US, their smaller sibling, the Galaxy S20, doesn't. There are a couple reasons for that.

Speaking with Samsung at a briefing in San Francisco last week, I learned that the smallest of the S20 series to date simply proved too challenging a package for mmWave 5G to be placed in. Because mmWave 5G requires two discrete antenna modules around the frame of the device, it consumes a small but significant amount of space that must be designed into the phone from the get go in order to be accommodated.

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The unlocked Galaxy S20 is compatible with all US 5G networks

When the transition to 4G began around the turn of the decade all those years ago, the first 4G phones shared one thing in common: a near-complete lack of 4G network interoperability. A 4G phone bought on Verizon would never work with 4G on Sprint, and a 4G phone bought on T-Mobile would never or barely work at all on AT&T's 4G, a situation which persisted for years (and which continues on many cheaper phones to this day).

With 5G, it seems we finally be past the days of major handset network fragmentation. Speaking to Samsung at a briefing regarding the Galaxy S20, the company confirmed that all American variants of the Galaxy S20, including the carrier unlocked version, will work on all current 5G networks in the US.

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The Galaxy S20 family is insanely expensive—here are our first impressions

The $1000 smartphone is no longer cause for sticker shock: meet the $1400 smartphone, your new "wow" benchmark. That's the price of Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra, the range-topping superphone Samsung hopes will one-up Apple in the ongoing battle for Crazy Expensive Phone dominance.

Samsung's other two S20s, the S20 and S20+, aren't cheap, either: the S20 will be $1000, and the S20+ comes in at a still-pretty-eye-watering $1200. Everything about these phones is super-sized: the prices, the rear camera clusters, the 5G support (more on that in a minute), the batteries, and really, the phones themselves. Let's start with that, shall we?

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The Galaxy Z Flip is official: The world's first foldable glass smartphone

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is now official as the first formal announcement at Samsung's Unpacked event, before even the Galaxy S20 series. The company is "changing the shape of the future" with the Galaxy Z Flip. The new folding phone, featuring a folding glass display, will be available starting this Friday the 14th, beginning at $1380.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ announced with improved audio quality and 11-hour battery life for $149

Samsung's upgraded Galaxy Buds+ may not be the noise-canceling true wireless earbuds of our dreams, but they do include some meaningful improvements that make them worth considering. Battery life is the big one, going up to 11 hours on a single charge from just six in the first-generation model. A new speaker and mic system promises better audio quality, and there are also some other useful new features onboard.

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Galaxy S20 is official with three variants, 5G across the board, and $1,000+ price tags

Samsung used to introduce its Galaxy S flagship series during MWC, but it has long since moved the unveiling to a separate event prior to the trade show. After months of leaks and a very revealing Galaxy Z Flip ad during the Oscars, Samsung has finally taken the wraps off its Galaxy S20 series consisting of the Galaxy S20, the S20+, and the S20 Ultra. Yes, the company is skipping S11 through S19 to pull even with the current year, which could make it easier to remember when which series was released in the future.

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Watch the Galaxy S20 unveiling at Samsung Unpacked right here

Samsung's much-awaited Unpacked 2020 event is only a couple of hours away. Even though we already know a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S20 family and Galaxy Buds+, there is still a lot we're not sure about, like whether or not the clamshell Z Flip will just make a brief appearance or if we'll have a real launch date, price, and more specific details about it.

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