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Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip could be yours for just $880 ($500 off)

Foldable phones and affordability don’t quite go hand in hand. For instance, the cheapest Samsung device to sport a flexible screen, the original Galaxy Z Flip, cost about $1400 at launch. That’s a lot of money! But if you'd still like to end calls by slamming the phone shut and flaunting your foldable, you can jump on this fantastic B&H deal that is straightaway striking $500 off the Galaxy Z Flip’s sky-high retail price.

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Pick up a dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S20+ for just $635 on eBay

When the Samsung Galaxy S20+ launched, it was $1,200 — a darn good phone at a darn high price. The price has dropped a bit to $1,000, but wouldn't it be nice to pay even less? If you want the flagship experience without paying the price, you can grab the dual-SIM international model of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ for just $635 on eBay.

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Grab a Samsung Galaxy Note20 for just $800 ($200 off) on eBay

There's a lot of great stuff to say about the Samsung Galaxy Note20. It's got great performance, a decent camera, the S Pen — unfortunately, what it doesn't have is a great price, still sitting at $1,000 MSRP. If you're looking for the flagship experience at a discount, Microsoft has the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note20 listed on sale for just $800 ($200 off) on eBay.

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Samsung's new Galaxy A71 5G is already down to $500 ($100 off) at Amazon

Most 5G phones are exorbitantly expensive right now, but if you want to try the latest and greatest in network tech out without having to drop one or two grand, Samsung's 5G-equipped Galaxy A line is a good option. The top dog in the Galaxy A family, the A71 5G, is currently available for $499.99 on Amazon — that's $100 off MSRP for a phone that just came out.

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Snag a 75" Samsung Q60-series 4K smart TV from Amazon today for $1,200 ($300 off)

From watching the big game to checking out the latest award-winning TV series, a quality television set can up the experience from good to great. Today, Amazon is offering a 75" 4K HDR Samsung Smart TV with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility for $1,199.99 — that's $300 off the MSRP.

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Samsung shares 'Unpacked for Every Fan' September 23 event teaser video

Yes, you read that title right. Even though Samsung just had an Unpacked event slightly over a month ago, where the Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Watch3, and other products were revealed, Samsung is going to hold yet another livestream in just a couple days.

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Samsung Total Home Event offers 25% off select items with purchase

Samsung officially released several new 5G-enabled devices last week, including the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Tab S7. It offered up some solid deals on the new items— but now the company is upping the ante for customers who are in the market for more than merely one new gadget. From now until October 3, it's possible to receive 25% off an item when you buy two or more Samsung products  — but there is a catch.
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Five great cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a great phone, but the $1,300 asking price is tough to swallow. So, it's lucky, then, that the phone's physical design is screaming for a case with that massive camera module sticking out of the back. You don't want to trust just any old case to protect your $1,300 phone. We've tested many, many Note20 Ultra cases, and here are the best.

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One UI 2.5's 116 new emoji include ninjas, boba tea, and a really cute beaver

Some people get excited about new hardware and software releases in the fall, but it's important not to forget about the new emoji being brought into the world. Samsung's One UI 2.5 update incorporates the latest designs from Unicode 13, bringing us 116 new emoji, including boba tea, pinched fingers, and a really cute beaver.

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Samsung just fixed landscape mode on three of its coolest customization apps

Android is known for being the more customizable of the two mainstream mobile operating systems out there, and Samsung's flavor of Android has never been shy about letting its users make a device their own. New updates to three of Samsung's Good Lock plug-ins will make them play nicer when devices rotate to landscape orientation.

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