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Samsung's 512GB microSD card drops to a staggering $100 ($100 off) on Amazon

Here's an insane discount for those of you in need of a ton of local storage on your devices: Samsung's 512GB EVO Select microSD card has fallen to a stupidly low $99.99 — a full $100 off MSRP. This is by far the best deal on a 512GB microSD card we've seen.

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Unlocked 64GB Galaxy S9+ on sale for $533 ($67 off) at Amazon

If you think paying nearly $1,000 for a good phone these days is bonkers, you're not alone — we think there are plenty of fine unlocked options well under four digits that will suit most if not all your needs. That includes phones from the recent past like the Galaxy S9+, now on Amazon for $534 or less.

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[Update: Dead] Samsung Gear S3 Frontier down to just $110 ($90 off) at Costco

It's no secret that a lot of us at AP have switched from Wear OS-running smartwatches to Tizen-based watches by Samsung. If you've been thinking of jumping ship too, the Gear S3 Frontier (my daily driver) is currently marked down to $110, an all-time low.

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Simple Bank flips the switch to add support for Samsung Pay

Some two years after saying it wasn't in the cards, Simple announced today that it has added support for Samsung Pay. If you own a Samsung phone or compatible watch, you can add your Simple card to the app and get paying contactless-ly.

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You're holding it wrong — Touching the corner of the Galaxy Tab S5e reportedly kills WiFi performance

The Samsung Tab S4 is a nice piece of hardware if you're into Android tablets, but it's very expensive. The new Tab S5e has some of the S4's features but drops the price to $400. It turns out it also drops the WiFi signal when you touch the corner. Maybe we're all just holding it wrong.

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[Update: T-Mobile & Sprint too] US Galaxy Tab S4 Wi-Fi, VZW models now receiving Android 9 Pie update

The Galaxy Tab S4 is Samsung's flagship tablet, and it's one of the best Android slabs on the market. International models started receiving their Android 9 Pie updates a couple of weeks ago, and it's now the US Wi-Fi (SM-T830) version's turn.

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The Galaxy S10 sold well, says Samsung, despite the company's plummeting profits in Q1

Samsung has just released its first-quarter earning calls today, and its previously released profit warnings turned out to be true. The company made a total of KRW 6.2 trillion ($5.3 billion), which is about 60 percent less than last year's first quarter. However, Samsung says that its Galaxy S10 series still sold very well.

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Samsung forced iFixit to remove its Galaxy Fold teardown, but you can still read it here

Samsung has forced popular repair advocates and DIY repair solutions store iFixit to remove their teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. iFixit says it was pressured into taking down the post because Samsung discovered who supplied iFixit the handset, and that supplier then requested the takedown. While not stated outright, the obvious thought bubble here is that Samsung may have been threatening repercussions for that supplier - repercussions that could have destroyed or seriously harmed its business with Samsung. iFixit keeps it all pretty vague, but the good news is you can still read their teardown, thanks to the Streisand Effect The Internet Archive.

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Verizon Galaxy S10 5G is coming May 16 with a $1,300 price tag, pre-orders open today

Samsung may have pushed back the launch of its Galaxy Fold, but it has another stupid expensive flagship phone to launch: the Galaxy S10 5G. Verizon has just announced that the S10 5G will be available May 16th starting at a whopping $1,299.99, with pre-orders opening today. The 20 cities in which 5G will be offered in 2019 were also revealed.

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Google Photos is adding proper support for Samsung's Motion Photos

Motion Photos are an interesting addition to our photography tools. Tap the shutter button on your phone's camera, and it won't just save a pic, but also a short video around that moment. If you're photographing kids, pets, fast-moving objects, and other important moments, the animations can provide you with context that a static snap can't. But since each company has its own implementation of Motion Photos, some aren't compatible with each other or with Google Photos. That was the case for Samsung, but it's changing now.

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