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The most (and least) popular devices used to browse Android Police in 2020

Back in 2017, we published a list of the most and least popular smartphones and tablets used to browse Android Police (the site you're reading right now). Many of you loved seeing where your favorite devices ended up in the rankings, but we never published followup posts for subsequent years — until now! We're back with a new installment for 2020, with more fun facts about the kinds of phones and tablets our readers use.

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Samsung Galaxy A21 review: Large device, small price

Samsung is best known for its big, powerful, and obscenely expensive phones. But what does $250 buy you in the Galaxy lineup these days? Getting your head wrapped around Samsung's budget offerings is an understandably difficult task given their confusing naming scheme and year over year model refreshes, but the Galaxy A21 is one of the latest price-conscious phones from the Korean manufacturer. It's available on a number of US carriers now, including Boost, which is the version of the phone we reviewed. While the A21 offers a large screen and decent battery life, the phone's overall performance and cameras (for the price) should give budget-conscious big-phone enthusiasts pause.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note10 Lite is down to $375 ($75 off) on eBay

Samsung's Note line is renowned for its large displays, powerful specs, and built-in S Pen stylus. It's also known for being particularly pricey; the new Note20 line starts at $1,000. If the most appealing parts of the Note experience to you are the size and the stylus, good news! You can pick up a Note10 Lite on eBay for $375 right now.

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Samsung Galaxy A51 5G on sale at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

If you took a look at this month's Unpacked announcements and found yourself sweating at how expensive those phones are, Samsung wants you to know that it's got you covered with 5G phones that don't break the bank. We actually saw a 4G version of the Galaxy A51 come out a few months ago with the promise of a 5G version later on in the summer. Well, that time has come.

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Samsung cheaped out on shipping the Note20 with earbuds in the US, but you can still get a pair

Samsung has decided to stop including wired earbuds with its flagship phones in North America, saying that customers here are opting for Bluetooth solutions instead. That said, we're hearing that Samsung USA's customer service will ship you a pair of the wired earbuds for your Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra if you ask nicely.

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The dual-SIM Galaxy S20 is available for just $610 on eBay ($390 off)

The Galaxy S20 may be the most expensive "entry-level" flagship Samsung has ever launched, but as always with the company's handsets, the S20 can already be had at much lower prices than the $1000 MSRP. And just like that, we dug up the unlocked international dual-SIM variant of the phone on eBay, where it's currently sold for the all-time-low of $610 (which is $10 less than what we saw before).

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Galaxy Watch3 getting VO2max monitoring, ECG functionality approved for US

Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Watch3 a couple days ago after plenty of leaks and speculation, but we're not done with the Watch3 news just yet. The Samsung Health app is currently being updated to support VO2max monitoring, and the FDA has approved its electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality for the US.

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Microsoft Surface Duo can stream apps to Windows PCs, just like the Galaxy Note20

Microsoft's 'Your Phone' app allows you to connect any Android phone to a Windows 10 PC, but some features require deeper system integration. If you have a Galaxy Note20, you can use your mobile apps from your Windows PC, and the same functionality will be available on the Surface Duo at launch.

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You didn't buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 this spring, research finds

Research house Canalys tracked 31.9 million smartphone shipments in the U.S. for the second quarter, down 5% from last year. Diverging plotlines between the novel coronavirus pandemic and the trade war with China are putting intense pressures on the industry in terms of cost and product strategy.

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Here are hundreds of high refresh rate games to play on the 120Hz Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note20 Ultra is premium as all get-out, packing the beefiest specs money can buy in 2020, including a Snapdragon 865+, 12 gigs of RAM, and a 6.9-inch 120Hz display. That spread is particularly good for gaming, but not every game can take full advantage of the giant display's high refresh rate. But a bunch can! Here's a handy searchable list of high refresh rate games you can try on the Note20 Ultra.

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