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LineageOS now available for Xperia Z, Xperia Z3+, LG G Pad 7.0, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, and more

One of the best parts of LineageOS (and its predecessor, CyanogenMod) is that it can breathe life into older devices. Some phones and tablets can end up with several more years of Android updates thanks to the ROM community. Since we last looked at LineageOS, a whopping 10 more devices have been added, most of which are a few years old at this point.

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AT&T's Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Receives OTA To Lollipop 5.1.1

The big news of today was, of course, Google's announcement of Android 6.0 / Marshmallow. However, it's still going to be quite a while before we start seeing it widely distributed on devices not called Nexus. Now that we have that out of the way, AT&T's Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 variant can finally say goodbye to KitKat. Following Verizon's release of a similar OTA last week, Samsung and Big Blue have finally released an update for the mammoth-sized tablet, bumping it to Android 5.1.1 / Lollipop.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 And Note Pro 12.2 On Verizon Wireless Get Android 5.1.1

Marshmallow is around the corner, but you know the routine by now. Updates take a while to roll out to some devices. Right now Verizon Wireless is pushing Lollipop to the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Note Pro 12.2.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished AT&T Unlocked 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE Just $380 On eBay

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is a big tablet. Unsurprisingly, it comes with a hefty price tag to match. Back when it launched early last year, the 32GB Wi-Fi version came at $749.99, and the price has only dropped down to $599.99 on Amazon in the time since. AT&T still sells its 4G LTE-enabled version at $899.99.

Let that sink in.

Then take a look at eBay, where refurbished AT&T units are currently going for $379.99. These are unlocked, so you're free to shop around when it comes to which carrier you use them on. That's what we in the business like to call a good deal.

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AT&T's Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 And Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Updated With Play Store Carrier Billing, Kid's Mode, And Security Fixes

AT&T's Samsung tablet lineup is getting a couple of small updates, but it probably won't be all that interesting unless you've got a very specific need for carrier billing or kid-friendly content. The AT&T branded versions of both the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (good grief, Samsung, your names are a mouthful) are receiving minor updates to their firmware. Neither one boosts the Android software on the tablets (4.4.2), but they do add a few tools.


First, both tablets can now charge Google Play Store purchases to your AT&T wireless bill. This is only for "postpaid accounts," read: no pre-paid tablets need apply.

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[Deal Alert] Get A New Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 32GB For $449.99 ($150 Off) On eBay

Most of the deals we post from eBay are for refurbished devices. It's a great way to save money on a new gadget, but some people are understandably turned off at the idea of buying something that's been used before, no matter how gently or infrequently. This deal is for them: a brand new Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 can be had from Newegg's official eBay page for $449.99. That's a full $300 off of the original retail price from back in March, and $150 off of the current price on Amazon.


Unfortunately this deal is only for the United States (Newegg is an American vendor, so it's not surprising), and the free shipping doesn't extend to Alaska or Hawaii.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 On Sale Through eBay Daily Deals For $389.99 ($260 Off)

There aren't a lot of options for big tablets with styluses, so the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is kind of the automatic winner. The only problem is it's so darn expensive. Well, unless you're down with a refurb. You can pick one of those up on eBay right now for the reasonable price of $389.99.

2014-10-29 11_10_50-Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12 2_ HD Tablet 3GB RAM 32GB Android 4 4 Refurbished _ e

The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has a 2560x1600 LCD screen with support for the pressure-sensitive S Pen. Inside it's packing an Exynos 5 Octa, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. This is a refurbished device, so it was returned to Samsung at some point for a defect or because of buyer's remorse.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (32GB) On Sale For $429.99 On eBay With Free US Shipping

If you've had your eye on Samsung's (really expensive) Note Pro tablets, today is your lucky day. There's a refurbished Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 deal on eBay right now for $429.99. That's more than $200 less than the current retail price of the device, and almost $100 less than other refurb deals out there.

2014-08-13 13_40_31-Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12 2_ Black 32GB Tablet WiFi 1 9 GHz Quad Core 887276965

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Official TWRP Recovery Now Available For The LG Optimus 4X HD, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE, And Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Rooters and ROM flashers of several devices have new options today, as the developers behind the popular Team WIN Recovery Project have added three new Android devices to their growing list. The somewhat dusty LG Optimus 4X HD (from when phone names were crazy long), the LTE version of Samsung's Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (because Samsung never really got over the crazy long name thing), and the Xiaomi Redmi 1S all get access to the touch-based recovery software, with downloads available from the website.


The Optimus 4X HD is probably the most widely-used device of the lot, despite being released over two years ago.

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Latest Software Update For Verizon's Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (P905VVRUANE4) Adds A Few Bug Fixes And Not Much Else

If you're one of the few people who sprang for Verizon's pricey, LTE-enabled edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, you may have noticed a software update in your notification bar today. The KOT49H.P905VVRUANE4 update isn't all that notable; most of the actual content comes from updates to a bunch of the bundled-in Amazon and Verizon apps like Kindle and VZ Navigator. But there are some bug fixes and a couple of security extras you might want to grab.


According to Verizon's support page for this update, a bug fix for the default Calendar app has been implemented, as has a stability fix for the Science and Technology sections of the Magazine UX.

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