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Samsung pushes One UI to its Galaxy Wearable app

Samsung introduced its revamped One UI interface in November. The company claims the new design is more intuitive and requires less finger movement on large screens. In addition, it brings a dark mode for stock apps and system elements, which looks sleek and saves battery on OLED displays.

Since then, almost all Samsung-branded software has been updated to reflect the new theme, but the Galaxy Wearable app seemed to have been left aside, despite the release of a new version mid-February (APK Mirror). The company appears to be fixing this with the rollout of an update that gives it One UI's new looks.

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Samsung's Black Friday deals are here: Solid Galaxy S9, Chromebook, and TV discounts

Pre-Black Friday sales continue to trickle out a full week ahead of the day itself, and Samsung is the latest to publish its own preview for upcoming discounts. The variety covers everything from wearables to TVs and even smart home gadgets(and we're happy to tell you about them, too), but the promotions that have us most excited are for the company's latest Note and Galaxy-series phones. Starting on the 18th you can get a Note 9 for $800 unlocked, and a Galaxy S9 and S9+ for $520 and $640, respectively.

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Update for Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Fit2 improves how information is displayed

Samsung has announced an update for its Gear Fit2 and Gear Fit2 Pro smartwatches. The new features are designed to improve the display of data on the devices. New functions are also included, such as Weight Management and Fitness Program, previously only available on the Gear Sport.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Gear Fit2 on sale for $89.99 (50% off) at Verizon

Samsung has launched the Geat Fit2 Pro, so the Gear Fit2 is officially yesterday's news. It's not terribly different from the new version, though, and it's heavily discounted on Verizon today. You can pick up the Gear Fit2 for $89.99, which is half of the MSRP, and a solid $30-50 less than the usual sale price.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Samsung Gear Fit2 for $100 from Verizon ($80 off)

If you're in the market for a fitness tracker, but all the new smartwatches floating around don't excite you, then you might want to check out the deal that Verizon is running. You can pick up the Gear Fit2 for $99.99, which is a nice savings of $80. Oh, and there's free shipping.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a Samsung Gear Fit2 from Amazon for $129.99 ($50 off)

In the market for a fitness tracker with a touchscreen? If you don't particularly fancy the frequently-discounted Moto 360 Sport, perhaps the Gear Fit2 and its less smartwatch-inspired design is more up your alley. Now's a great time to buy, as Amazon is currently taking $50 off the Fit2's $179.99 MSRP, making it $129.99.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Offers The Samsung Gear Fit For $99.99, A Full 50% Off

Samsung's Gear Fit, the smaller, sleeker alternative to the company's other smartwatches, is probably the most interesting of the second generation Gears. If you've been coveting one, now would be the time to buy it: Amazon has it for just $99.99. That's a full 50% off the $200 retail price, and notably below alternatives like the Pebble smartwatch and the new Android Gear watches. As usual, Amazon Prime users in the United States can add free two-day shipping to the deal.


Seeing such a steep discount on the Gear Fit so quickly is strange; it's been just short of three months since the device was released.

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Samsung Is Updating The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, And Gear Fit In The US With Improved Pedometer Accuracy, Tweaked Sleep Mode, And More

Samsung is sending an update out to all the owners of its new wearables in the US. Surely there are some of them, right? So yes, that Gear 2, Gear2 Neo, or Gear Fit on your wrist is about to get slightly better. I mean, it's still a Gear, but you know.


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[Deal Alert] The Samsung Gear Fit Is $168.84 ($30 Off) On Amazon

The Gear Fit has its share of problems, but it's still easily the best of Samsung's wearable watch-style devices so far. And one of the best reasons for picking one up over the larger and technically more capable Gear 2 models is the lower price. Now Amazon has given Samsung smartphone owners even more reason to lay their money down: a considerable discount on the Gear Fit.


Right now Amazon's price on the Gear Fit is $168.84, just a tad over $30 off the $200 retail price. This doesn't appear to be a sale or promotion (though it could be for Father's Day Weekend), so we'll assume for the moment that Amazon has simply lowered its price.

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[Update: Winner!] Win A 16GB Galaxy S5 And Gear Fit From Bitdefender And Android Police

Smartphones are probably some of the most personal devices on the planet. They hold our contacts. Our family photos. Our, um, personal photos. Text messages. Private conversations. Many of a person's secrets could probably be uncovered with a little exploration of their smartphone. So, what's the best way to keep things safe on your smartphone? With a little security, of course.

Android offers a few of its own solutions to keeping your private data private, like a customizable unlock pattern, password, or PIN code on the lockscreen. If someone were to get past that, however, it's open season – all your data is just there for the taking.

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