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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Active2 finally get Electrocardiogram monitoring in US

The Galaxy Watch Active2 included hardware support for Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring when it was released late last year, as did this year's Galaxy Watch3. The feature couldn't be enabled in the United States until it received FDA approval, leading to one of the watches' main selling points not (officially) working in America. At long last, Samsung has received the FDA's blessing, and ECG support is rolling out to both models.

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Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 or the Fossil Gen 5?

Samsung's new smartwatch on the block is the Galaxy Watch3, featuring the company's latest hardware and software packed into a traditional-looking watch. However, at a starting price of $400 (with configurations that make it almost $500), it's not an impulse purchase. There's also the competition to consider, namely the Fossil Gen 5.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review: A good smartwatch with a bad early adopter tax

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch in 2018, a sequel to the earlier Gear S3, for everyone who wanted a smartwatch resembling a traditional timepiece. It was followed up by the sporty Watch Active and Watch Active2, but some fans were left disappointing by the more modern design. At long last, the Galaxy Watch3 is here — no, you didn't miss anything, Samsung skipped #2.

The Galaxy Watch3 is the best smartwatch Samsung has made yet, and as a result, it's probably the best smartwatch you can pair with an Android phone. However, the $400 starting price is laughable, considering the smallest Watch Active2 costs $230 right now, and many of the unique health features don't work in the United States.

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Galaxy Watch3 getting VO2max monitoring, ECG functionality approved for US

Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Watch3 a couple days ago after plenty of leaks and speculation, but we're not done with the Watch3 news just yet. The Samsung Health app is currently being updated to support VO2max monitoring, and the FDA has approved its electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality for the US.

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Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra hands-on: High end, high fashion, high price

Samsung's first "Ultra" phone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, received at best a lukewarm critical reception. Consumers didn't seem to respond, either, as sales figures have not been strong. And while some of that boils down to trying to sell an extremely expensive phone during a global economic and health catastrophe, a lot of it was just down to what you got for the money. Samsung banked big on cameras a key selling point for the S20 Ultra, and they simply weren’t up to scratch. There’s a lot riding on the Galaxy Note20 series to redeem that phone, and the Note20 Ultra in particular.

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Students and teachers can save 8% on the Galaxy Note20, Watch3, and Buds Live

Samsung just released a heap of new devices, including the latest Note20 smartphone, a refreshed smartwatch, and new wireless earbuds. They're some of Samsung's most expensive products to date, but if you're a student or teacher, you can save at least 8% on any Samsung product with the company's education program.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch3: Best launch deals, pricing, trade-in values, and availability

Samsung's latest smartwatch has been leaked countless times already, and hands-on videos were even floating around the web before Samsung acknowledged the watch's existence. The Galaxy Watch3 was finally officially announced on August 5th, and now you can buy one from several retailers across the United States.

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Samsung reveals Galaxy Watch3 with traditional design, physical rotating bezel, and $400 starting price

Samsung's latest smartwatch has been leaked countless times already, and hands-on videos were even floating around the web this past weekend. Samsung finally acknowledged the watch's existence today, officially revealing the Galaxy Watch3. It's a cross between the fitness-oriented Watch Active2 and the 2018 Galaxy Watch, and it has an incredibly high price tag.

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It's almost time for the Galaxy Note20 Unpacked livestream — here's how to watch it

We're now just a couple of hours away from Samsung's Note20 Unpacked livestream. It'll likely bring us many mentions of the word "innovation," a tour of the company's electronics headquarters, a bunch of celebrity cameos, and, oh yes, new smartphones, a new tablet, and a new smartwatch. You can watch the event as it happens right here, starting at 7 a.m. PDT (10 a.m. EDT).

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