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Here are all of the Galaxy S9's official wallpapers

With every major phone release comes a large dump of official wallpapers, and the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are no different. Already available for download are 19 wallpapers from these brand-new Samsung phones, and you can grab all of them right here.

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The Galaxy S9 is supposed to be boring

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are upon us, and if there's one thing we already can safely say, it's that they'll be the best-selling premium Android smartphones of 2018. And we can also safely say that they'll hold that title by a very wide margin. This despite the fact that they look, feel, and function remarkably similar to the Galaxy S phones Samsung launched in 2017. You might even say the Galaxy S9 is kind of boring - a sentiment I've seen widely expressed in comments and across the web since its announcement yesterday.

But before we dive in to that topic, let's get back to the numbers.

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[Update: T-Mobile's PR was misleading] Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ among first phones to support band 71 LTE

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ yesterday, but the news for T-Mobile subscribers doesn't stop there. Turns out the new Galaxy phones support team magenta's new 600MHz band 71 LTE. So if you've got your heart set on taking advantage of the frequency's extra coverage and penetration in the coming years, then the S9 and S9+ are your best bet right now. 

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy will knock $100 off Galaxy S9/S9+ pre-orders on Friday, March 2nd only

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have finally been revealed, and the pricing is pretty similar to last year's Galaxy S8 and S8+. To make it more palatable, however, Best Buy will be running a $100 discount on pre-orders of the S9 and S9+, but with one major caveat: it doesn't apply to unlocked phones, which also happen to be the cheapest.

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The Galaxy S9 combines face and iris unlock into something that still isn't as good as Face ID

The Galaxy Note7 introduced Samsung's iris scan technology back in 2016, and it's been on every Samsung flagship since. On the Galaxy S8, Samsung also added face unlock, but it wasn't authorized for secure actions like mobile payments. The issue on the S8 and Note8, though, was that you had to pick one unlock method or the other: insecure face unlock (meaning you had to use fingerprint for mobile payments) or secure iris unlock (which is unarguably harder to use).

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are no different in terms of offering iris and face unlock options, but they are making a change that might encourage more people to use these features - by combining them into a single unlock method.

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The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have dual-aperture cameras - here's what that means

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have rear cameras with adjustable aperture settings, allowing the phones to take photos at either f/1.5 or f/2.4. This may mean something to you, but in the event it doesn't, let me provide a brief explainer.

You might already be familiar with aperture values, or F-stops, as they relate to a camera's lens. Like the pupil of your eye, the size of a camera's aperture determines the amount of light that gets in through the lens to the image sensor. Many standalone cameras have adjustable apertures, which either expand or narrow a physical "iris" ring to let more or less light in.

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Galaxy S9 and S9+ hands-on: More of the Samesung

In all but a few minor regards, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ resemble their predecessors to such a degree that an ordinary person would have a lot of trouble telling them apart. Sure, the phones’ bezels have been nipped and tucked, the location of the fingerprint scanner - mercifully - changed, and the S9+ now sports a second camera around back. These are differences, but ones that were as inevitable as they are iterative.

The fingerprint scanner on the S8 and S8+ was in a terrible location. It had to move. Apple is pushing dual camera, Samsung had to respond. Minimal screen bezel is so hot right now, Samsung should at least pay lip service to improving screen to body ratio (the phones are 1.2 and 1.4mm shorter than last year's, respectively), having now ceded its narrative advantage here to the iPhone X.

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Samsung's Galaxy S9 is official: Fingerprint sensor finally in the right place

At its Unpacked event in Barcelona today, Samsung announced the long-awaited Galaxy S9 and S9+. The latest iteration in the Galaxy series incrementally improves on the S8/S8+ in a few small but crucial ways. The S9 and S9 plus feature a new low-light optimized dual aperture camera system (f/1.5-f/2.4), 960 FPS slow-motion video, and AKG-branded stereo speakers. Physically, it might look a lot like the Galaxy S8—and pricing matches last year's at $719.99 and $839.99—but there's one significant distinction. The fingerprint sensor is finally in the center, below the camera module, where it always should have been.

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[Oops] Samsung uploads Galaxy S9 launch video ahead of official announcement

The Galaxy S9 is about the worst-kept secret in the tech world at the moment. It's expected to be announced tomorrow at Mobile World Congress, and the phone has already been leaked multiple times. There wasn't much left to the imagination, and now Samsung has played itself by accidentally uploading the launch video to YouTube a day early.

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More Samsung Galaxy S9 renders leak, confirming design, stereo speakers, and camera apertures

As with most high-profile upcoming smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has seen its fair share of leaks as we approach its official unveiling at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. In recent weeks, we've learned that the Galaxy S9 and its bigger brother the S9+ will have iterative designs, be available in lilac and coral blue, come with 3D Emojis similar to the iPhone X, and we've already seen that the marketing around them will be focused on the camera(s).

The latest leaks come in the form of a range of official-looking renders, likely intended for a stockist's website.

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