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Five Things I Love About The Galaxy S7 & S7 edge

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are easy to hold up on paper as the best smartphones of 2016 - mostly because they'll likely be the best-selling models (well, next to the iPhone). But what about them makes them actually worth owning? Is Samsung's latest smartphone duo basically just a gussied-up retread of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge+, or is there more to it than that? I think there is. Here are five things I love about the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. (Don't forget to check out our full review right here.)

One phone, two sizes

So often we are asked to either buy a "mainstream" Android smartphone or wait for the separate "phablet" launches of devices that often occur later in the year.

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Is It Worth It To Buy A Galaxy S7 Or S7 edge Unlocked In The US? (Guide)

For years, Samsung has generally not sold its top-tier smartphones SIM unlocked to US customers. The reason for that is basically left to us to speculate: be it collusion with or demands from carriers, cost issues, or simple lack of demand, it's not exactly clear. But the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge may be the most readily available unlocked of any major Samsung smartphones in the US yet.

Currently, Best Buy will sell you - with what appears to be a factory Samsung warranty - an unlocked North American model Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. They aren't cheap... at all: $709.99 for the S7 and $819.99 for the S7 edge.

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Samsung Announces 'Pink Gold' Galaxy S7, Coming To Select Markets Soon


[Deal Alert] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Dual-SIM On Sale For $599.99 Via eBay

The Galaxy S7 has been out for a couple weeks now, so it's about time for the discount game to get started. If you buy the GS7 from a carrier, you're going to be paying upward of $700 and it'll probably be SIM locked. Or, you could buy this unlocked dual-SIM GS7 (model G930FD) for $599.99.

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[Update: New Seller] Deal Alert: Unlocked International Samsung Galaxy S7 On Sale For $599.99 Via eBay

In the event your Galaxy S7 pre-order has been delayed, you can just cancel that sucker. As with the S7 Edge, the regular Galaxy S7 has appeared on eBay in its unlocked form. For $599.99, you can get the SM-G930F with support for most GSM/LTE networks. That's about $100 cheaper than the full price GS7 on US carriers.

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AT&T Is Giving Away A Free 48-Inch Samsung Smart TV When You Buy A Galaxy S7 Or S7 Edge On Next And Activate A New Line Or Purchase DirecTV Starting Tomorrow

For an idea of how much money carriers make providing you with service, look at what they're willing to give away to gain a new customer. Consider AT&T. Starting tomorrow, the company will give a free 48-inch Samsung Smart TV to customers that buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on AT&T Next and activate a new wireless line or start DirecTV service.

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Samsung's 'Good Lock' App Brings A Crazy Alternative UI To Your GS7's Lock Screen, Notifications, And Quick Settings

The design of Samsung's system UI hasn't changed much in the last few years, except when it comes to cosmetic things like icons and colors. There's a whole theme store that can alter that stuff. In the Galaxy Apps store, there's a new app called Good Lock that goes further by enabling an "advanced system UI" on the Galaxy S7. It's really bonkers.

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Verizon Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Get Minor OTA Updates Addressing Connectivity Issues

Smartphones do many things, but underpinning most of what makes these phones smart is an Internet connection. Struggling to connect to Wi-Fi makes a phone significantly less intelligent.

Some Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners have had trouble maintaining an Internet connection. Others have had a difficult time establishing a connection in the first place.

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Maybe It's Time To Stop Letting DxOMark Decide Whose Smartphone Camera Is "Best" (Opinion)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best mobile camera according to image and video quality testing firm DxO Labs, with an overall score of 88 points out of 100. It received a 90 in exposure and contrast, an 83 in color, a 94 in autofocus, 91 in texture, 89 in noise, 79 in artifacts, and 86 in flash. This all sounds very official. And we see DxO scores increasingly cited and posted as news around the internet because of that absolute, highly-comparable set of values they provide (Android Police has posted such stories - you'll get no argument from me). We did not, however, post an item about DxO's leaderboard-topping score for the S7.

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dbrand's New Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge Skins Protect Your Phone From Fingerprints, Slips, And Scatches [Sponsored Post]

Samsung's latest flagship brothers are a lot of things: high-end, beautifully crafted, powerful, and expensive. What they are not though is drop-proof, scratch-proof, or fingerprint-proof. You surely don't want your investment of several hundreds of dollars to slip between your fingers and risk splattering on the floor only because your hand was a little too sweaty or your grip wasn't perfectly tight. You probably don't want it to get scratched from lint and other small particles inside your pocket or purse either.

If you nodded in agreement to the above statements, then you should be in the market for the Galaxy S7 skins from dbrand, well that or the S7 Edge skins if you're carrying the larger brother.

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