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[Update: Deal Is Back] Deal Alert: eBay Offers The Galaxy S7 Duos (Dual SIM) For $529.99, $170 Off Retail

Yesterday I mentioned that flagship phones tend to drop in street price surprisingly quickly. Thank you, eBay sellers, for proving my point. Today the Galaxy S7 Duos, the dual-SIM version of Samsung's yearly upgrade, is just $529.99 on eBay for a new (not used or refurbished) phone. The prices for the Duos model aren't very consistent in dollars, but this unlocked GSM phone is almost $170 off the retail price of the single-SIM model at AT&T.

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[Deal Alert] Grab A GSM-Unlocked 32GB Gold Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 For $429 On eBay

Sprint customers and adventurous types have an absolute steal on their hands with this one. For just $429, more than $100 below the next-best deal we've seen, you can get a new (Gold) Galaxy S7. Just make sure the details work for you.

These are Sprint devices that are GSM unlocked, meaning you can use them on any GSM carrier that you might want to. With that said, that wouldn't come without some challenges. This phone doesn't support the 17 LTE band, which is heavily relied upon by AT&T. And it won't support the HSPA+ service of T-Mobile, which could rule out a good experience with them.

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Republic Wireless Brings Its A Game: New GSM Partner And Plenty Of Modern Devices To Choose From Starting July

I never thought there would be a day when I'd know this much about US carriers and MVNOs, but this is what happens when you work on a US-based site like Android Police. Republic Wireless though comes a lot less often on our radar, and I just discovered why. Until now, the MVNO only had a couple of devices to choose from. Literally, a couple: the Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) and Moto E (2nd Gen). It also seems to be ahead of its times, relying on Wi-Fi calling and piggy-backing on Sprint's network when Wi-Fi isn't available.

But things are about to improve by a few leaps and bounds for Republic Wireless.

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Samsung's Galaxy Surfboard Paddles The Line Of Awesome To Ridiculous

Samsung is always trying to make waves with its publicity stunts and outrageous ideas. This latest one though is fin-tastic. The company actually built a surfboard with a hidden Galaxy S7 drawer and LED lights for professional surfer Gabriel Medina to tide him over while he's facing the waves alone and away from his coach and fans.

The Galaxy Surfboard lights up with live conditions of the sea, like wind directions, height and speed of the waves, and pops up messages from his coach so he can stay on board with his training plan. The idea might seem like it came out of the bottom of the barrel, but it's actually pretty cool, even if it is a special one-time thing for Medina.

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[Update: Winner] [US Giveaway] Win A 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 From Android Police And Ting

Samsung's Galaxy S7 is one of the most impressive Android smartphones released to date, and this is not just my opinion, but that of almost everyone I've talked to about the phone. It has a fantastic build quality and finishing, one of the best displays we've seen, a powerful processor (regardless if it's the Exynos or Snapdragon version), a capable camera, and decent-to-amazing battery life.

So how would you like to win one from us and our friends over at Ting?

You've sure heard of Ting, the MVNO that only wants to charge you for what you use instead of offering you plans with plenty of bundled options that you may never need.

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The 5 Worst Things About The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are great phones, you'll get no argument from me. But every great product has flaws, and these are the five things that I think are the biggest ones in Samsung's latest flagship devices. Remember to check out our corresponding "Five Things I Love" post for the S7, and be on the lookout for our "Five Worst Things" posts for the LG G5 and HTC 10, too.

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The Latest OTA For T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Enables FM Radio

It's common for American carriers to mandate the removal of FM radio functionality from popular phones. After all, they'd much rather you used their network services to gobble down data. Something very unusual is happening in the new GS7 update. Samsung and T-Mobile are actually turning on the dormant FM radio functionality.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Get Update That Should Fix Misbehaving Power And Volume Buttons

Samsung may produce the top-selling Android flagships, but that doesn't mean buyers don't encounter a few bugs.

Some Galaxy S7 and S7 edge phones apparently suffer from malfunctioning volume down and power buttons. You press either one, whether to reduce noise or wake your device from sleep, and nothing happens. In either case, it's quite a big deal. You're either stuck with a blank screen or notifications coming in loudly as you're trying to silence your phone.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 On Sale For $559.99 Via eBay

The Galaxy S7 has been out for a while now, and it's about time the price started dropping. After all, it's not the only 2016 flagship out there. You can pick up the unlocked GS7 (G930F) on eBay for a very competitive $559.99. That's $70-80 cheaper than the price elsewhere and much cheaper than the US carriers.

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Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Now Available For Samsung S6, S7, And Note 5 Series Phones

Minecraft isn't the first game you think about when you hear the word "immersion." No, it's the first one you think of when you hear "surprisingly popular," or "construction-based," or "Notch made more money than Solomon's divorce lawyer." But even so, it's been tied to the new virtual reality trend more than once, most notably thanks to new owner Microsoft's HoloLens platform. That said, a little platform competition isn't going to keep them from making ungodly amounts of money, so check out Minecraft for Samsung's Gear VR headsets.

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