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Samsung Makes The Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Official: Exynos Chips, Metal Frames, And Important Changes For Android's De Facto Flagship

We've seen them leaked to death, we've seen months of rumors and speculation. Now we have verified info on the real deal: Samsung's double flagship for 2015. The Galaxy S6 will probably be the best-selling Android device this year no matter what any other manufacturer does, and the Galaxy S6 Edge is Samsung's attempt to one-up themselves with an interesting take on the standard slate design.

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The Cat Is Really Out Of The Bag: Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Appear Side By Side In More Leaked Images

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is approaching its real unveil at MWC, the leaks have turned into an open faucet. Following yesterday's images of the Galaxy S6 from all angles, today we have a couple of photos of the S6 and S6 Edge side-by-side being all, "I'm flat!" and, "I'm curved!" Oh come on, you're both pretty. I mean, kind of.

galaxy-s6-s6-edge-1 galaxy-s6-s6-edge-2

New XDA member graaler posted these screenshots of images of both devices from the front and the back.

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The Galaxy S6 Appears To Have Been Leaked In All Its Glory

This might be the Galaxy S6. It started with a few images of a phone shrouded in bubble wrap, but that was quickly followed by more images of the phone from all angles. You can never be completely sure with leaks, but these look legit.

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T-Mobile And AT&T Offer The Most Revealing Galaxy S6 Tease Yet

The Galaxy S6 is going to be a big deal for Samsung after the lackluster performance of the Galaxy S5. Samsung itself has been posting teasers all over the place, but the images posted on AT&T and T-Mobile's sites could be the best look of the unannounced device yet.


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Let's Take A Look At All Of The Galaxy S6 Teasers Samsung Has Published Thus Far

Samsung loves hype, and it's that time of year for a flagship launch. We don't always report on teasers, because they so often don't give us much information. Still, we can put the many teasers for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 together and get something worthwhile out of it.


Samsung has given several signals that they are going to be very proud of the camera in the S6. A leak from several months ago suggested the shooter on the back of the S6 would be either 16MP or 20MP, they weren't sure.

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Bloomberg Confirms Past Reports That Galaxy S6 Will Debut In Two Variants - One Curved, One Flat

Following the, uh, runaway success that was the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S6 (or whatever they call it) at MWC next month in two trims: curved and not curved. At least, that's what Bloomberg is saying.

They're probably right. We've read a handful of pretty reliable reports to date that at least one version of the Galaxy S6 would have a Note Edge-style curved display, so Bloomberg is just piling on to confirm that here - it's not new information in and of itself. Bloomberg has also corroborated rumors that the curved S6 will have not one, but two edge displays.

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Qualcomm Confirms Snapdragon 810 Won't Be Used In 'A Large Customer's Flagship Device' — Probably The Galaxy S6

We've heard a lot of back and forth about the Snapdragon 810, the first high-end 64-bit ARM processor from Qualcomm. First there were rumors that overheating caused Samsung to drop the chip from its Galaxy S6, then LG said the 810 was fine in the G Flex 2. Now, however, Qualcomm says the 810 will not be powering "a large customer's flagship device" this year. That almost certainly means Samsung.


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SamMobile Reveals Credible-Looking Details About The Upcoming Galaxy S6, Dubbed Project Zero

We all know that Samsung is working on what will eventually be known as the Galaxy S6. This isn't news. If anything, it ranks right under a new iPhone coming out as something your average passerby expects to happen in 2015.

What's interesting is figuring out what that new device is going to look like. SamMobile has provided a set of expected specs that, while we can't verify them ourselves, we're inclined to trust. SamMobile has a good track record, and it stands to reason that it has reliable sources. Plus the site has listed numerous model numbers that look, without knowing for certain, believable to our eyes.

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