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Samsung Denies Report That It Paid People To Attend A Chinese PR Event, Original Story Retracted

Last week a report surfaced alleging that Samsung recruited and paid "temporary employees" to attend its Galaxy S6 launch event in China. The Paper, based in Shanghai, claimed that the company hired 400 to 500 people for 30 to 50 yuan (about $8) each to spend time at the launch event on Friday. If true, then paid attendees would have amounted to approximately half of the people there. Samsung has categorically denied the report on the Samsung Tomorrow blog and claimed that the original newspaper has retracted the story.

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Pre-Orders Are Live For The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 And HTC One M9

How about this? Real news on April 1st. How novel. At any rate, it's really only news for Verizon customers who want to pick up a new phone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 (standard and Edge) and HTC One M9 are both available for pre-order starting today.

2015-04-01 13_41_40-Samsung Galaxy S6 _ Verizon Wireless

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Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, And HTC One M9 Now Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

Just about every American carrier is eager to take your pre-order for the new Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, or HTC One M9, but if you prefer to get your phones from Amazon, they'll happily take your money too. Right now it looks like the only way to buy the phones are through the carriers, complete with the various lock-outs on AT&T and Verizon models, but you can purchase them with new contracts, renewed contracts, or contract-free.

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[Weekend Poll] Will You Buy A Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, Or Neither?

This weekend's poll is a flagship battle bonanza: with both the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 set to launch in many countries in a mere matter of days, we want to know which one you'll be buying. I know, most of you will be purchasing neither, but we want to hear from those that are, too, to see how the chips land here at Android Police.

The Galaxy S6 is the most appealing phone from the Korean smartphone king in as many years as they've been making them, if you ask me, while HTC'S latest effort seems like a bit of a rehash.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Pre-Orders Are Already Being Delivered To Some Lucky Folks

The official availability date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is April 10th, but T-Mobile cares not for the workings of the calendar. Pre-orders made on Friday with overnight shipping are currently on-track for Monday deliveries, and a few Edge devices have already shown up for those who selected Saturday delivery.

IMG_20150328_104147 8abeca07c6d40c7fb2dcb629cebadf78 c978e255ed88da9e1b2b8d971bf952b0

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T-Mobile Versions Of The Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Get Their First OTA Update

We're getting a few reports that some T-Mobile customers who preordered the Galaxy S6 and its edgier brother are already receiving their phones. When they turn them on, they might just be greeted by an over-the-air update right away. The new builds are actually dated March 22nd, so it's probable that every S6 and S6 Edge in T-Mobile's initial batch will need this update. The build is Android 5.0.2, labeled G920TUVU1AOCG and G925TUVU1AOCG for the S6 and S6 Edge, respectively.

tmo update

There aren't any new features in either update, just a handful of fixes from Samsung:

  • Fingerprint scanner improvements
  • 'Failed to reboot' error message
  • Clock drift fix
  • Audio quality improvements
  • Calendar event fix
  • Exchange Global Address Lookup fix

Given T-Mobile's usual staged rollout, it may take several days or even a week or so for the OTA to get to your phone.

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[Roundup] The HTC One M9 And Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Can Be Pre-Ordered From Most US Carriers, Here's How

The announcements have happened and the reactions have been vented. For many, now is decision-making time when it comes to their next Android phone. We're happy to report that the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge are available for pre-order on nearly all US carriers. If you're ready to make your choice, you can probably make it official right now.

Let's break it down by phone and carrier. You may want to use the table of contents to navigate to the phone/carrier of interest to you. Explanations of what different payment plans mean are included in the M9 section.

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T-Mobile's Netflix Promotion For The Galaxy S6 Goes Live, Applies To Devices Bought Between Now And April 12th

Word got out earlier this week that T-Mobile would offer anyone who buys a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from them a free year of Netflix. That's a savings of over $100 and a pretty good deal, especially if you're already a Netflix customer.

Now the promotional page has gone live. If you head over to Samsung's website, you can sign up for the offer, though it says you must actually have the phone in hand before following the process through to completion. That's something you can't actually do until either model goes on sale.


Note, pre-orders will count, and the promotion includes devices purchased between now and April 12th.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Up For Pre-Order March 27th In The US, Available In Stores April 10th

Samsung has announced official US availability dates for the Galaxy S6, and they might sound rather familiar. Just like the HTC One M9, you can pre-order the new Galaxy tomorrow (March 27th) and pick one up on April 10th. The exact details will vary by carrier, but already both AT&T and T-Mobile have announced pre-orders for tomorrow. Other carriers haven't announced official details yet, but I expect it won't be long.


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Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Pre-Orders Are Live In The UK On EE, O2, Vodafone, And Carphone Warehouse

Happy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge pre-order day UK residents! If you've been anxiously fiddling and waiting for Samsung's new flagship to land in your hands, you are now one step closer to fulfilling that goal. Many UK carriers and sellers have started today their pre-orders for the devices, with various offers, bundles, colors, and configurations to choose from. Here are the details.


EE has a page dedicated to the Galaxy S6 where you can see at least 10 buttons to pre-order the phone — just in case you miss one of them — and have it delivered to you on launch day: April 10th. The S6 and S6 Edge are available in white, black, and gold (though the latter isn't guaranteed to be delivered on time), with the S6 in both 32GB and 64GB variants and the S6 Edge only in its 64GB configuration. A "wireless bundle" offer adds £40 for a wireless charger and gives you back a £20 voucher for a Samsung case.

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