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Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Nougat updates start appearing in Europe

If you've been waiting with bated breath for Samsung to fulfill its promise to upgrade the Galaxy S6 series to Android 7.0, you can stop waiting... assuming you have one of the GSM unlocked models of the S6 and S6 Edge, that is. According to German tech site, users in Europe are starting to see the Nougat update sent out to their phones, starting with at least one S6 Edge owner in Switzerland and continuing in the comments. That means that mainland Europe and the UK are probably looking at updates sometime soon, with the usual delays for localization and server rollout.

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Samsung confirms the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Edge+, Note5, and more will get Android 7.0 Nougat in the first half of 2017

Well, this is a first. Of all the major OEMs that we cover on Android Police, few give us more headache when it comes to their Android updates than Samsung and LG. HTC, Sony, Motorola have been known to reveal which devices they plan to update to a newer version of Android and to give a timeline of that update, a practice they have followed over the past few years, but Samsung and LG? Radio silence. That frustrated us as reporters and you as users because you never knew if a phone you bought last year would get bumped to a new Android version or not.

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Rootjunky bypasses factory reset protection on Samsung phones... again

About nine months ago, Rootjunky managed to bypass the factory reset protection (FRP) on Samsung devices simply by inserting an OTG drive into the phone and installing an app. Then, two months later, he found a vulnerability on LG phones; this time, he circumvented FRP by using talkback settings to open a browser, downloading an APK that opened settings, adding a new user, switching back to the main account, and then resetting without FRP. However, this new exploit for Samsung phones might be the most ingenious yet.

Factory reset protection was added to Android with 5.1 Lollipop, but since different OEMs use different variations of Android, vulnerabilities can arise.

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"Galaxy Beta Program" Reveals Samsung Is Testing A TouchWiz UI Overhaul, App Drawer Optional

If you often find yourself asking "yeah, but what if it didn't have an app drawer?" in regard to your Galaxy phone, good news: Samsung is testing a very big TouchWiz redesign that eliminates makes it optional... in China and Korea. Sorry, I know that was kind of a tease. But Samsung is testing something called "New Note UX" (I WONDER WHAT THAT REFERS TO) on the Galaxy Note 5 as part of its new Galaxy Beta Program. It looks different-y.

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Verizon Updates Its Carrier Models Of The Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge with A Few Tweaks And Bug Fixes

It's been just over a month since the Verizon versions of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge received their Android 6.0 updates, which were welcome if somewhat belated. Today the phones get another bump, but there's no version number jump this time. Nope, it's just a few bug fixes and app tweaks. Try to contain your excitement.

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Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Now Available For Samsung S6, S7, And Note 5 Series Phones

Minecraft isn't the first game you think about when you hear the word "immersion." No, it's the first one you think of when you hear "surprisingly popular," or "construction-based," or "Notch made more money than Solomon's divorce lawyer." But even so, it's been tied to the new virtual reality trend more than once, most notably thanks to new owner Microsoft's HoloLens platform. That said, a little platform competition isn't going to keep them from making ungodly amounts of money, so check out Minecraft for Samsung's Gear VR headsets.

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Samsung And The Weather Channel Pair Up To Launch An Exclusive Weather App

Samsung and The Weather Channel aren't two companies you would naturally pair together, but they've done just that: the two have partnered up to produce a specialized version of the weather app, exclusive to Samsung's S6 edge, S7 edge, and Note 5.

As it's produced by The Weather Channel, the main function is to tell the user the weather conditions. This works well enough: currently, conditions are 49°F outside, according to the app, although it feels like 44°F apparently. I also know sunrise is due at 5:52 this morning. Scrolling down, there is more detailed weather information, such as wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, pressure, and UV index.

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The T-Mobile Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Are Getting Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Today

Marshmallow has been out for about six months now, and there are still some very recent phones that don't have the update. For example, the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge... until today. These devices are finally getting the Marshmallow OTA. Sprint and Verizon both rolled their GS6 updates out recently, leaving AT&T as the sole holdout.

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Verizon Announces Marshmallow Update For Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

This is no April Fools joke: Verizon has updated the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge software pages with details of the Marshmallow OTAs for the two devices. They currently run Lollipop, so the update will be very welcome to S6 owners on Verizon; Samsung started to roll out Marshmallow for the S6 and S6 Edge in February, so Verizon isn't that far behind. It does come almost a month after Sprint initiated the update for their S6 and S6 Edge, though.

The update brings all the features you'd expect of a Galaxy device with Marshmallow. Now on Tap is there, as are on-demand permissions, which were both introduced as part of the overall 6.0 update from Google.

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Sprint's Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Get Their Android Marshmallow Over-The-Air Updates

Sprint customers have a lot to deal with, starting with the fact that they're paying for Sprint service. (I kid, I kid.) But those of them who use a Galaxy S6 or the curvier Galaxy S6 Edge have reason to celebrate, as both phones are being upgraded to Android 6.0 starting today. We have confirmation from multiple users that the OTA files are going out, and Sprint's support pages for both phones say the same thing.

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