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AT&T finally releases Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+

If you have an AT&T Galaxy Note 5 or S6 edge+, start checking for an OTA update - oh, and make some... time for the download. Around 1400MB of Marshmallow are headed your way, and knowing AT&T's ultra-slow OTA servers, it's going to take you an hour or two to actually get them. AT&T has posted the update pages - for the Note 5 here and S6 edge+ here.

What's packed in this OTA? Hopefully a heaping helping of idle battery life-saving doze mode goodness, along with Marshmallow's granular permissions model, and a whole lot of smaller changes. While many of the UI-facing updates from Android 6.0 won't affect TouchWiz, there are some feature changes lurking that you should be aware of, so check out our feature spotlight series here for a refresher course.

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"Galaxy Beta Program" Reveals Samsung Is Testing A TouchWiz UI Overhaul, App Drawer Optional

If you often find yourself asking "yeah, but what if it didn't have an app drawer?" in regard to your Galaxy phone, good news: Samsung is testing a very big TouchWiz redesign that eliminates makes it optional... in China and Korea. Sorry, I know that was kind of a tease. But Samsung is testing something called "New Note UX" (I WONDER WHAT THAT REFERS TO) on the Galaxy Note 5 as part of its new Galaxy Beta Program. It looks different-y.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished But Excellent Condition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus For T-Mobile $378 On Ebay

Some of us like buying our phones brand new, but others don't mind the idea of refurbished. When it's done well, you can save several hundreds of bucks over a flagship device that's still top of its class and capable of handling everything you throw at it. If that sounds convincing to you and you're interested in Samsung's S6 Edge Plus and you're on T-Mobile, then you can't scoff at this eBay deal.

It's a manufacturer-approved refurbished device in excellent working and cosmetic condition. It should only have some minor scratches, but nothing too damaging, and it has passed 65 inspection points.

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Verizon Updates Are Rolling Out For The LG G5, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, And Galaxy S6 Edge+

Software updates are like Christmas gifts for geeks like us. We rush to get them and we can't wait to unpack them, but we never know what we're really going to get. Sometimes it's everything we've been begging for in the past months, other times it's just a pair of socks for... I don't know mom, why did you think I needed socks?!

Verizon likes to tell you what's inside your gift before you unpack it. It's thoughtful and it makes our job here a little less complicated because we don't have to fill the news article with fluff about random bugs getting fixed and things becoming better without really knowing if that's the case.

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Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Now Available For Samsung S6, S7, And Note 5 Series Phones

Minecraft isn't the first game you think about when you hear the word "immersion." No, it's the first one you think of when you hear "surprisingly popular," or "construction-based," or "Notch made more money than Solomon's divorce lawyer." But even so, it's been tied to the new virtual reality trend more than once, most notably thanks to new owner Microsoft's HoloLens platform. That said, a little platform competition isn't going to keep them from making ungodly amounts of money, so check out Minecraft for Samsung's Gear VR headsets.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+ Receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA Updates

Galaxy Note 5 owners on Verizon Wireless and Sprint received Android 6.0 last month. Weeks later, the time has come for T-Mobile customers to get the same experience. The carrier has started pushing over-the-air updates to devices.

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Verizon Announces Galaxy S6 Edge+ Marshmallow Update, Plus A Small Update For Note 5

It's update season at Verizon at the moment, with lots of phones on the network getting updates to Marshmallow. The latest is Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+, receiving a build which takes it from the Lollipop-based LMY47X to the all-new MMB29K. The update includes WiFi Calling, a feature which has been in Marshmallow updates for other Samsung devices on Verizon, improvements to the Edge panel, and Live Broadcast, and standard Marshmallow features such as on-demand permissions, Doze, and Now on Tap.

Edge Panel sees news features, including Apps Edge and Task Edge, meaning users can now dock apps or certain tasks to the edge of the screen.

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Verizon Announces Marshmallow Update For Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

This is no April Fools joke: Verizon has updated the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge software pages with details of the Marshmallow OTAs for the two devices. They currently run Lollipop, so the update will be very welcome to S6 owners on Verizon; Samsung started to roll out Marshmallow for the S6 and S6 Edge in February, so Verizon isn't that far behind. It does come almost a month after Sprint initiated the update for their S6 and S6 Edge, though.

The update brings all the features you'd expect of a Galaxy device with Marshmallow. Now on Tap is there, as are on-demand permissions, which were both introduced as part of the overall 6.0 update from Google.

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Sprint Pushes Android Marshmallow Updates To The Galaxy Note 4, 5, And S6 Edge+

Samsung has a bunch of phones spread across a bunch of carriers, and those released in the last year or two need Marshmallow updates. Sprint has begun to roll out the latest version of Android to customers owning three of those devices: the Galaxy Note 4 and 5, plus the S6 Edge+.

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ZeroLemon Releases 8500mAh External Battery Cases For The Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus For $60

With gigantic screens and the extra internal space that goes along with them, Samsung's plus-sized flagship phones already offer large batteries: 3000mAh for both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. But for some that just isn't enough, and that's where third-party battery supplier ZeroLemon shines. Both phones have sealed battery compartments, but the usual work-around is to build a giant battery into an even more giant phone case. So it is with ZeroLemon's latest offerings: enormous 8500mAh battery-cases for both devices.

The math works out to almost 3X battery life on a fully-charged case, plus the runtime of the phone's internal battery, though the electrical inefficiency of the external battery system probably means it won't last quite that long.

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