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Here's the changelog for Samsung's first One UI 3.0 beta, based on Android 11

With Android 11 launching just last week, many phone-makers are rushing to get their various versions of the platform out into users hands for testing in beta programs. Samsung is no exception. In a very early and surprising move, Samsung has already pushed the One UI 3.0 pre-beta to a a few select partnered developers. Here's the official changelog for the beta.

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Pick up a new unlocked Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra for $200 off

There was a lot to love about the new Galaxy series when Samsung dropped its S20 trio earlier this year: Gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED displays, long-lasting batteries, and sophisticated camera systems to please all levels of photographers. With today's special deal, you can now save $200 on a brand new factory unlocked Galaxy S20, S20+, and even the exorbitant S20 Ultra at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo.

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Buy a brand-new, dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for $830 on eBay

Samsung unveiled the S20 Ultra earlier this year as the most premium offering in its S range of devices. Despite boasting big specs, it was tough to recommend at the MSRP of $1,400. We initially gave the S20 Ultra a 7/10 rating, but later lowered that to 6/10 due to the cost and mediocre camera performance. It's a lot more attractive right now, thanks to a top-rated eBay seller offering brand new, factory unlocked models for just $829.99.

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Today only: The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is down to $1100 on Amazon

If you're on the market for what is possibly the most advanced production phone on the planet, you're in luck. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is currently on sale on Amazon, down to "just" $1100, which is $300 less than what it usually costs. The deal is only available today, so you better hurry if you want to get the handset at this price.

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You shouldn't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra anymore — for one simple reason

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was never a phone we loved. The price, the camera issues, the relatively useless 5G—everything about this $1400 behemoth just didn't make sense as a product we'd recommend anyone actually go out and buy. Fast forward to August, and now Samsung has a new big phone: the Note20 Ultra. And as our review makes clear from the outset, Samsung has fixed basically every big issue that made the S20 Ultra so "meh," all while making the Note $100 cheaper than its Galaxy S counterpart. In short, there's simply no reason to buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra when the Note20 Ultra exists.

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The AT&T S20 series is receiving the August security patch

Samsung got incredibly fast when it comes to security patches, often beating even Google to the punch. The story is different for carrier-issued updates, but compared to prior years, they've gotten quicker, too. As such, AT&T has started pushing the update to the S20 series and the Note9 while the Verizon S9 and S9+ are in for the patches.

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One UI 2.5 update now rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung very recently unveiled its second flagship line for 2020 — the Galaxy Note20 — with a host of exclusive features as part of One UI 2.5. That exclusivity isn't lasting too long, however, and the company has already started porting a few of those features to its older phones. As of today, Samsung has started rolling out the One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S20 trio, with more devices expected to join soon.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Note20 Ultra: What did Samsung learn from its last 'Ultra' phone?

Samsung's Note20 Ultra is here, and as its name suggests, it shares quite a lot in common with the recent Galaxy S20 Ultra, and that includes a sky-high price tag. So, what did Samsung learn from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and which should you get?

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20 Android and One UI software tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy phone

If you use a Samsung smartphone, you may not be getting the most out of it. As someone who uses a lot of smartphones on a regular basis, I definitely have a few choice modifications and settings changes I make to get Samsung's phones feeling more intuitive, functional, and just plain better as an overall experience. While not all of these changes may be to everyone's preference, and you may know a few of them, hopefully you'll be reminded of a few choice One UI* and Android options that can make your phone just a little bit nicer to use on a day to day basis.

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The AT&T Galaxy Note9 is receiving the July security patch

Shortly after the Galaxy S20 series started receiving the July security patch in Korea and Europe, all kinds of unlocked US Galaxy phones started receiving it, too, as 9to5Google and Redditors reported. And now, the update is also available on the Galaxy Note9 on AT&T.

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