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Galaxy Note20 Ultra


You shouldn't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra anymore — for one simple reason

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was never a phone we loved. The price, the camera issues, the relatively useless 5G—everything about this $1400 behemoth just didn't make sense as a product we'd recommend anyone actually go out and buy. Fast forward to August, and now Samsung has a new big phone: the Note20 Ultra. And as our review makes clear from the outset, Samsung has fixed basically every big issue that made the S20 Ultra so "meh," all while making the Note $100 cheaper than its Galaxy S counterpart. In short, there's simply no reason to buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra when the Note20 Ultra exists.

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Grab an international Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra as low as $980 on eBay

Some people are always looking for a way to get the best and newest for cheaper and there are those who are able to provide it. eBay seller sobeonline1 is one of those providers and they have just provided the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in its international, dual-SIM, 256GB form, for $150 off the price of the 128GB U.S., single-SIM version.

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Samsung is shipping the Galaxy Note20 Ultra with two different cooling systems

Samsung introduced a pretty cool-sounding liquid cooling system with the Galaxy S7, and it's been using that ever since. However, an iFixit teardown recently revealed that Samsung is actually shipping Note20 Ultra units with two types of cooling systems: one being the liquid cooling (or, more accurately, the copper vapor chamber system), and the other being graphite thermal pads.

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Shatter-resistant smartphone glass may finally be here

There have been several iterations of Corning Gorilla Glass in the past years, and Gorilla Glass Victus is the latest to hit the market. Not much has changed between Gorilla Glass iterations in the past few years, so we didn't expect a whole lot new from Victus, but PhoneBuff's Galaxy Note20 Ultra drop tests have proven Victus to be surprisingly sturdy.

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One UI 2.5 update now rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung very recently unveiled its second flagship line for 2020 — the Galaxy Note20 — with a host of exclusive features as part of One UI 2.5. That exclusivity isn't lasting too long, however, and the company has already started porting a few of those features to its older phones. As of today, Samsung has started rolling out the One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S20 trio, with more devices expected to join soon.

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra: Best deals, pricing, trade-in values, and availability

Samsung's newest Note phones are here, and they're very, very expensive. These phones sport Samsung's latest displays, improved S Pens, and all the 5G you can handle. If you're dead-set on picking up the new Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra, you've got several options. Samsung has the unlocked phone, of course, but you can also buy the phone from your carrier of choice. We've got all the details right here. Most pre-order deals are over now, and it'll probably be a few more weeks at least before there are new discounts.

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Energy Ring brings hole-punch battery indicator to your new Pixel 4a and Note20 Ultra

Energy Ring offers a neat way to put that obtrusive camera cutout to some good use. In the last few months, the app has moved beyond Samsung phones to cover a whole host of devices from other brands as well. In line with that, Energy Ring has now added support for two of the newest entries in the smartphone market — the Pixel 4a and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

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Samsung's OneUI 2.5 finally lets you use Android 10's gesture navigation in third party launchers

As promised all the way back in March, we can confirm that Samsung's One UI 2.5 update finally delivers support for full-screen navigation gestures in third party launchers. It's unfortunate that it took Samsung so long — Android 11 is probably just weeks away, and Pixels got this feature last year — but better late than never, and we can confirm it works on OneUI 2.5 via the Note 20 Ultra.

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Netflix adds HDR10 support for Samsung's latest flagships, plus HD streaming for lesser Samsung devices

As is typical with the weeks following major device releases, Netflix has updated its HD and HDR10 support list with the latest and greatest that phone and tablet manufacturers have to offer. This time around, the list is dominated by Samsung devices, with two TCL phones making it in as well.

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Galaxy Note20 Ultra holds up well against JerryRigEverything's wrath

Samsung usually launches the latest Galaxy Note phones in August, and this year was no different. Like with the Note10 series, there are two Galaxy Note20 variants: the Note20 and Note20 Ultra. In this video, Zack of JerryRigEverything gets his hands on the Ultra model, with no legitimate flaws revealing themselves.

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