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Samsung adds Galaxy Note20, Fold2, and Tab S7 to its security update schedule

Updates used to be a sore talking point for Samsung, but that's no longer the case. The company recently committed to OS updates for three device generations, and it's been shooting out updates for its latest phones left and right. In the same vein, Samsung has just added some of its latest devices, including the Note20, Fold2, and Tab S7, to its security update schedule.

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Unlocked Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra already $200 off, starting at $800

Samsung offered some decent trade-in values and a good amount of store credit with the launch of the Galaxy Note20 series, but if you'd rather have a good old discount, you're in luck. Amazon and B&H currently have the US unlocked models of the Note20 and Note20 Ultra for $799.99 and $1,099.99, respectively, representing a price drop of $200 for both.

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Samsung's Care+ protection plan can't be added to the Galaxy Note20 post-purchase

Samsung's flagships have never been cheap, but even base prices are now eclipsing the four-figure mark. It's no surprise, then, that customers often opt for the company's Care+ protection plan for a few dollars a month. Unfortunately, Note20 buyers are finding that they're unable to add Care+ after they've purchased the phone.

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Unlocked Galaxy Note20 comes with $200 gift card when purchased at Target

The Galaxy Note20's only been out for a week or so, but Target is already offering a pretty enticing deal. With the purchase of a Mystic Gray unlocked Note20, you'll get a $200 Target gift card sent to you. If you were already buy things regularly from Target, that equates to around 20% off.

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One UI 2.5 update now rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung very recently unveiled its second flagship line for 2020 — the Galaxy Note20 — with a host of exclusive features as part of One UI 2.5. That exclusivity isn't lasting too long, however, and the company has already started porting a few of those features to its older phones. As of today, Samsung has started rolling out the One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S20 trio, with more devices expected to join soon.

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Should you buy the Galaxy Note20 or the Galaxy S20+?

Samsung just released the Galaxy Note20 series, and it might be the most polarizing Note lineup yet. The Note20 Ultra is undoubtedly an excellent phone, but it’s incredibly overpriced at $1,299, and the base Note20 is missing a few important features (even compared to the S20 series). Samsung’s overlapping product lineups can make it difficult to determine which exact model is best for you, but that’s what we’re here for.

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra: Best deals, pricing, trade-in values, and availability

Samsung's newest Note phones are here, and they're very, very expensive. These phones sport Samsung's latest displays, improved S Pens, and all the 5G you can handle. If you're dead-set on picking up the new Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra, you've got several options. Samsung has the unlocked phone, of course, but you can also buy the phone from your carrier of choice. We've got all the details right here. Most pre-order deals are over now, and it'll probably be a few more weeks at least before there are new discounts.

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Samsung's OneUI 2.5 finally lets you use Android 10's gesture navigation in third party launchers

As promised all the way back in March, we can confirm that Samsung's One UI 2.5 update finally delivers support for full-screen navigation gestures in third party launchers. It's unfortunate that it took Samsung so long — Android 11 is probably just weeks away, and Pixels got this feature last year — but better late than never, and we can confirm it works on OneUI 2.5 via the Note 20 Ultra.

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Netflix adds HDR10 support for Samsung's latest flagships, plus HD streaming for lesser Samsung devices

As is typical with the weeks following major device releases, Netflix has updated its HD and HDR10 support list with the latest and greatest that phone and tablet manufacturers have to offer. This time around, the list is dominated by Samsung devices, with two TCL phones making it in as well.

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Samsung cheaped out on shipping the Note20 with earbuds in the US, but you can still get a pair

Samsung has decided to stop including wired earbuds with its flagship phones in North America, saying that customers here are opting for Bluetooth solutions instead. That said, we're hearing that Samsung USA's customer service will ship you a pair of the wired earbuds for your Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra if you ask nicely.

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