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Samsung Galaxy Fold will come to 15 countries in Europe, starting at a whopping €2,000

Samsung likes to push the boundaries of what's possible on mobile phones. After pioneering big screens with the Note series and later, curved screens with the Galaxy Round and the Note Edge, Samsung is back at it with its folding device. If you're based in (mostly Western) Europe, you can pre-order the Galaxy Fold starting April 26, or buy it when it launches in retail on May 3. Today, the Korean company announced its retail partners and the 15 countries it'll sell the phone in.

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All Samsung Galaxy Fold variants will ship with a Snapdragon 855 processor

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold, it wasn't specific about the device's processor and merely said it would be a 7nm one. Since the American Galaxy S10 variant features the 7nm Snapdragon 855 SoC, this could have meant the larger handset would ship with the same processor. International S10 models come with Samsung's 8nm Exynos 9820 chip, though, which created some uncertainty with regards to the non-US Galaxy Fold's processor. However, the foldable device's firmware has revealed all versions will get Qualcomm's chip, breaking the brand's tradition of building phones with its own chip for non-US flagships.

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New Galaxy Fold video shows a clear crease in the display

Unlike most phones shown at MWC, the Galaxy Fold was kept in a protective glass box, which prevented visitors from getting their hands on the device. Despite the casing, we noticed a crease in the middle the display, which isn't a surprise given the panel is covered by plastic and not glass. Indeed, every time the handset is opened and closed, the plastic gets bent and creases over (a short period of) time. However, there were no unofficial videos of the Galaxy Fold available online to confirm this until one surfaced yesterday. It reveals more about the phone, including a very noticeable crease in the screen.

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Foldable phones don't seem ready yet, and they're definitely not worth $2000

"It's the first generation." I heard it over and over during Mobile World Congress whenever the topic of foldable smartphones inevitably arose. Everyone is talking about foldables (which yes, that's not a word, except now it is), and everyone has a take. They're the game-changing future our ever-expanding screens require. They're going to be huge with [insert demographic/region/niche here]. They're expensive now, but they won't always be. They're not going to be very good now, either, but just wait - this is only the first generation.

But it isn't - not exactly. Take a closer look at that image at the top of the post - do you recognize that foldable phone?

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No mere mortal may touch Samsung's $2000 Galaxy Fold, so here it is in a big glass box

The Galaxy Fold is... kind of obscene - so it's only fitting that Samsung's showing it off at MWC inside of a huge glass display case so nobody can get very close to it. Or touch it. Samsung has four Folds at its booth here in Barcelona, and they look pretty cool! We did find that the displays do appear to have some dimpling on the plastic (see lower left of the top photo), and there's definitely a noticeable crease in the middle where the hinge is, which is... not the best.

But hey, you've gotta start somewhere, right? And I do think it looks pretty damn cool in the flesh (plastic?).

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Samsung's Galaxy Fold is coming April 26 for nearly $2,000

Now that smartphones are becoming a bit more boring each year, many have been looking forward to Samsung's upcoming foldable device. As expected, the company showed off the 'Galaxy Fold' at today's Unpacked event, and even revealed the price — a whopping $1,980.

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