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Samsung forced iFixit to remove its Galaxy Fold teardown, but you can still read it here

Samsung has forced popular repair advocates and DIY repair solutions store iFixit to remove their teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. iFixit says it was pressured into taking down the post because Samsung discovered who supplied iFixit the handset, and that supplier then requested the takedown. While not stated outright, the obvious thought bubble here is that Samsung may have been threatening repercussions for that supplier - repercussions that could have destroyed or seriously harmed its business with Samsung. iFixit keeps it all pretty vague, but the good news is you can still read their teardown, thanks to the Streisand Effect The Internet Archive.

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[Update: The iFixit version] Galaxy Fold teardown is all hinges, ribbon cables, and screens ready to break if you look at them wrong

Samsung told us what sort of engineering went into making a Galaxy Fold possible. If you didn't believe what the company had to say, well, take a look at a teardown courtesy of a Chinese blogger and see all the moving parts for yourself.

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[Update: AT&T sets June 13 ship date] Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release in wake of early hardware failures


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first mass-market foldable phone, so there were bound to be problems but not after just a few days of use. Following reports of Fold review units failing, Samsung has delayed the release to at least May.

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Why the Galaxy Fold's screen breaks so easily, according to iFixit

As soon as the first Samsung Galaxy Fold units saw the hands of reviewers, the displays started failing left and right. While it was possible to brush off some journalists' issues to incorrect handling because they peeled off the non-removable screen protector, other people used the device as intended and still had their screens going to Nirvana. The team of iFixit investigated and found some structural problems inherent to the phone's design that might end up being very hard to fix for Samsung.

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[Update: Review units pulled] Galaxy Fold review units are failing left and right with disastrous display issues

Four Samsung Galaxy Fold review units in the hands of major US tech journalists all experienced device-breaking display failures today. Steve Kovach of CNBC, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, and Dieter Bohn of The Verge have reported major failures of their phones' display panels, just two days after receiving them. To say this is a disaster for Samsung is probably underselling it. Well-known YouTuber MKBHD claims to be having similar problems, but hasn't posted any images (update: he has, see below). Bohn and Kovach claim their displays failed without removing the panel's protective film (Samsung says not to take it off), but both Gurman and Brownlee did remove it and hypothesized that it led or contributed to the failures.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold appears to be first device to use ultra-fast eUFS 3.0 storage

It turns out that the Galaxy Fold is a phone of firsts. It's Samsung's first foldable device, it's the first mass-market foldable phone, and it also seems to be the first device to use the company's ultra-fast eUFS 3.0 storage with read speeds roughly two times faster than the OnePlus 6T's.

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[Update: AT&T details] You can say goodbye to $2,000 and hello to a Galaxy Fold tomorrow as pre-orders open

After years of renders and speculation, Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Fold to the world around a month ago. We had already known that the phone would officially debut on April 26th, but Samsung will be allowing early adopters willing to cough up the nearly $2,000 MSRP to reserve one tomorrow, April 12th.

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Here are all of the official wallpapers from the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung's first foldable phone, the aptly-named Galaxy Fold, is scheduled to be officially released later this month. As is usually the case with new high-profile phones, someone got their hands on one a little early, and they have graced us with all the included wallpapers.

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Know when to fold 'em: The Galaxy Fold can survive 200,000 folds

With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung introduced a new form factor that uses a hinge to fold the display inward and protect it while the phone is closed. As we're talking about an almost $2,000 handset here, the manufacturer needs to ensure its product is durable and will last repeated folding by demanding owners. Therefore, it put a folding test in place to measure the device's durability and published the video on Youtube, so you can enjoy 34 seconds of Galaxy Folds being repeatedly opened and closed. Make sure you have some popcorn ready.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold will come to 15 countries in Europe, starting at a whopping €2,000

Samsung likes to push the boundaries of what's possible on mobile phones. After pioneering big screens with the Note series and later, curved screens with the Galaxy Round and the Note Edge, Samsung is back at it with its folding device. If you're based in (mostly Western) Europe, you can pre-order the Galaxy Fold starting April 26, or buy it when it launches in retail on May 3. Today, the Korean company announced its retail partners and the 15 countries it'll sell the phone in.

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