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Grab Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live for just $140 ($30 off) while supplies last

Wireless earbuds might not be a dime a dozen, but there are many, many options in the marketplace right now for your perusal. Perhaps you like putting some kidneys into your ear canals? Samsung has you covered with the Galaxy Buds Live and so has eBay with a great deal right now.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review: Getting close to the perfect AirPods alternative

Just six months after the excellent Galaxy Buds+, Samsung has a new set of true wireless buds, and they're probably its most anticipated product in this space. The Galaxy Buds Live may look like beans, but they sound a lot better than a pinto in your ear canal. With an unsealed design, they're pretty clearly aimed squarely at Apple's AirPods, and undercut the wireless charging version of Apple's beloved earbuds by thirty bucks, at $170. Like AirPods, they also don't block out much external noise, and that's something many people want. The active noise canceling also does little to quiet the world, and really doesn't make sense in an unsealed design.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds, Buds+, and Buds Live seem prone to overheating in direct sunlight

Listening to wireless earbuds is an excellent way to stay energized while out on a run, but what happens when your buds get a little too hot to handle? And I'm not talking about a beat that's fire — users of multiple Samsung earbuds, including Galaxy Buds and the new Galaxy Buds Live, report that using the buds in warmer conditions renders them annoyingly useless in a matter of mere minutes.

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Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra hands-on: High end, high fashion, high price

Samsung's first "Ultra" phone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, received at best a lukewarm critical reception. Consumers didn't seem to respond, either, as sales figures have not been strong. And while some of that boils down to trying to sell an extremely expensive phone during a global economic and health catastrophe, a lot of it was just down to what you got for the money. Samsung banked big on cameras a key selling point for the S20 Ultra, and they simply weren’t up to scratch. There’s a lot riding on the Galaxy Note20 series to redeem that phone, and the Note20 Ultra in particular.

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Students and teachers can save 8% on the Galaxy Note20, Watch3, and Buds Live

Samsung just released a heap of new devices, including the latest Note20 smartphone, a refreshed smartwatch, and new wireless earbuds. They're some of Samsung's most expensive products to date, but if you're a student or teacher, you can save at least 8% on any Samsung product with the company's education program.

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Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung revealed the Galaxy Buds Live yesterday, a pair of true wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, eight hours of battery life, and a fun design. If you're looking for where to buy the new earbuds, we've got you covered.

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Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live are official with ANC and an AirPods Pro-beating price

Samsung's new wireless earbuds have been an incredibly poor-kept secret, as the past few months have given us leak after leak. Samsung officially announced the beans-shaped Galaxy Buds Live today, complete with Active Noise Cancellation, 12mm speakers, and an estimated 8-hour battery life.

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