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Ring Video Doorbell Pro refurb is just $95 ($65 off) today at Amazon

For today's Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering refurbished units of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for just $95 apiece. That's $65 off of Amazon's regular refurb price and a whopping $155 off original MSRP. If you've been on the lookout for a smart doorbell, this deal is hard to beat.

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Ring's new Video Doorbell 3 Plus can capture footage up to four seconds before movement is detected

Home security cameras are great for letting homeowners know when someone's at their front door, be it a friendly face, a helpful courier, or even an intruder. However, for most battery-powered camera systems that only start to record video when movement is detected, homeowners often miss out on how a visitor happened upon their doorstep — until now. The new Video Doorbell 3 Plus by Ring is the first battery-operated doorbell camera that can capture up to four seconds of video before any motion is detected.

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Ring will require two-factor authentication starting today (Update: Blink verifying emails)

Ring has dealt with its fair share of privacy snafus (and then some), but its latest move might allay some of your fears. The Amazon-owned smart home company has instituted a new login policy, effective immediately. Now, you'll need to enter a two-factor authentication (2FA) code every time you log into your account.

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Ring's new setting to opt out of sharing video with your community or police is rolling out now (Updated)

Ring's smart home security hardware was cheap and popular. Turns out, it was also lacking basic security protections and leaking customer data, including household locations, through its Neighbors social app — which was already contentiously sharing customer videos with law enforcement. In the wake of all these concerns, the company has today announced that it's building a new section for its app specifically for improved privacy and security settings and pushing two-factor authentication (2FA) as a default, opt-out setting on all new accounts.

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Ring fired multiple employees over the last four years for accessing customers' videos

According to a report by Vice's Motherboard, Ring has fired a handful of its employees over the last four years for "improperly" accessing customer's recorded videos. This news follows a string of negative press for the Amazon-owned company, including a string of hacks, the revelation that some location and video data was being publicly shared through Ring's Neighbors app, and (justified) accusations that Ring lacked in "basic security features" to protect customer privacy and data.

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Two-factor authentication should be mandatory for all of your accounts, and it's time for companies to step up

Today, Vice published a story detailing the abysmal security practices of Amazon's Ring brand of smart home security and surveillance products after a spate of compromised passwords (which have been inaccurately described as "hacked," even by The New York Times, who should know much better) led to terrifying privacy breaches for consumers across the US.

Compromised passwords are an extremely common source of account breaches, whether as part of account dumps on the dark web or through simple social engineering. Passwords are, for all of their virtues, very bad as security measures. In a world full of bad actors looking to compromise your personal privacy for the sake of spying on you or taking advantage of you financially, your password should be one of several lines of defense protecting you.

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Ring's 14-piece smart security system is down to just $230 and comes with a free Echo Dot ($100 off)

Ring's home security system is one of the most popular on the market, thanks to its features and the expansion possibilities it offers. With this deal, you can get a 14-piece kit and a free Echo Dot for just $230, which is $100 less than the usual price.

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If you use Neighbors, your Ring camera footage and location can be easily found by anyone

Welcome to the great surveillance society: more people are installing Ring cameras as an affordable and easy way to improve the security of not just their household, but, through use of the associated Neighbors app which lets users share their footage with local police, their entire neighborhood. But while the consumer's benefits are seemingly clear, there may be hidden consequences as well: Gizmodo was able to acquire and uncover precise coordinate data from 65,800 Neighbors posts detailing where reporting households were located.

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Practically steal a Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Dot for $80 ($120 off)

With all those packages rolling in from your Cyber Monday shopping, you're going to want to know exactly when some of them arrive — and keep an eye on ones that arrive while you're not at home. Home security options can get expensive, but today's the perfect time to start shopping for one. Amazon is offering the Ring Video Doorbell for just $80 ($70 off), its lowest price ever — and, on top of that, it's bundled with a free Echo Dot (a $50 value).

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Amazon announces gargantuan list of Black Friday deals (Update x2: More items)

With Halloween in the rearview mirror and November speeding like a freight train toward Thanksgiving, the official holiday shopping season will be here before you know it. To help you get a jumpstart on your wishlist, we have a sneak peek at some of the Amazon device deals leading into Black Friday.

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