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Razer has now over 100 UltraMotion-compatible games

The Razer Phone 2 is out, with its impressive 120Hz display, front-facing speakers, and light-up RGB logo on the back. It's the ultimate gaming device, despite its slightly uncomfortable grip, and now you can make the most of its hardware thanks to Razer's updated list of compatible titles.

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Razer Phone 2 is an impressive 'gaming phone' — but it needs to be a great all-around flagship to survive

Razer sees itself as a gaming phone pioneer. During today's launch of the Razer Phone 2, the company stressed that while other companies may be following suit, it kicked off this new mobile category. But is it really a new, under-served segment of smartphone buyers? And is there enough of a market to support mobile hardware purposefully targeting a specific slice of the overall demographic? Razer clearly thinks so. Every aspect of its second-generation device is aimed at enticing the gaming enthusiast, from a 120Hz display refresh rate to an RGB light-up logo on the rear. But in setting such a clear direction and introducing unique features for the gaming set, it's also done something more.

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Razer Phone 2 delivers camera upgrade, wireless charging, and — most importantly — RGB lights

Gaming hardware company Razer debuted its first mobile handset last year to mixed, but mainly positive, reviews — a significant feat considering the fiercely competitive nature of this industry. That's not to say there weren't some major flaws. While the 120Hz refresh rate and dual front-facing speakers were praised, the camera was panned and critics disliked the lack of water resistance, wireless charging, and the dimness of the display. With its second generation device, the Razer Phone 2, the company has addressed all of those foibles, and to top it all off, added a RGB light-up logo on the back.

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Razer Phone 2 photos and specs leak via now-deleted Amazon listing

The Razer Phone 2 is set to be officially announced later today, but someone seems to have jumped the gun on publishing the listing on Amazon Italy. Said listing has since been deleted, but not before the images and specs could be pulled from it. And don't worry, your prayers have been answered; it does indeed have an RGB backlit logo.

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Razer Phone 2 appears in another leaked render

Razer started sending out invites to an October 10th event just a couple of weeks ago, with little detail except for a big give away in the shape of a phone silhouette. At the same time, a render of the phone's front conveniently leaked, matching the outline in the 'Save the date.' Now, another render has been uncovered giving us a look the back of the device as well.

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ARCore v1.5 adds support for OnePlus 6T, ROG Phone, Razer Phone, Xperia X, and many more [APK Teardown]

Google's ARCore team just rolled out a new update that appears to bring the augmented reality framework to several more phones and tablets. Some hot new (and upcoming) devices are on the list, like the Galaxy Note9, OnePlus 6T, and ROG Phone. These are also joined by some older models like the Sony Xperia X.

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Razer Phone 2 gets ready to make an October 10 debut

Razer making a smartphone? A few years back the idea would have sounded positively nutty, but last year brought us the surprising debut of the first-gen Razer Phone, a solidly equipped Android gaming handset with an extra-high-refresh-rate display. A follow-up device sure seems like a sensible enough idea, and earlier this month we received confirmation that Razer was planning just such a smartphone. Today we start learning about how it will debut, as Razer sends out save-the-dates for an October 10 event.

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[Deal Alert] Razer Phone drops to just $400 ($300 off) with code

With confirmation that a second Razer Phone is in the works, it's not surprising to see the current one dropping in price. Razer is currently offering its first-generation Razer Phone for just $399.99, a full $300 off MSRP, with a coupon code.

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Razer confirms that it's working on a second generation Razer Phone

It's been over twenty months since Razer acquired Nextbit, but the gaming hardware manufacturer has made good use of this time. It released the Razer Phone last November and got applauded for its 120Hz display and high-end specs. A second generation phone was pretty much a given — it only makes sense to use the Nextbit acquisition and talent to build more mobile hardware — and now it's been confirmed.

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Gaming smartphones are the industry’s next pointless fad

If you follow smartphone news closely, chances are you've read about handsets “designed” specifically for gaming (or gamers). There's the ASUS ROG phone, the Xiaomi-backed Black Shark, one from ZTE sub-brand Nubia, and this really weird thing from a Chinese company called Doogee. There have been others in the past as well, including the recent Razer Phone and the long-forgotten Sony Xperia Play. While they've all taken slightly different approaches in defining what exactly a gaming smartphone is, all but the Sony have squarely targeted the PC gamer demographic - and for good reason.

In the world of PCs, gaming-oriented products have a long and storied history.

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