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Xiaomi’s original 2016 Mi Box is getting Android 9 Pie in beta

One of the very first Xiaomi devices to officially land in the US was the Mi Box (known as the Mi Box 3 elsewhere) back in fall 2016. While the original model has already been replaced by the Mi Box S in the States, Xiaomi hasn’t stopped pushing newer updates to its nearly four-year-old box. Now the company's rolling out Android 9 Pie to those enrolled in the beta program.

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Lolwut: Motorola just announced... an inflatable chair

Hold on to your seats, as this story is about to blow up your mind — and possibly the seat too. Motorola, yes the same Motorola we know, the one who was bought by Lenovo and gets mentioned here because of its phones, is getting pumped up because of its latest announcement: an inflatable chair with a name that rolls off the tongue, the MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR).

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Google Pixel 5: Pricing, specs, release date, images, and everything else we know

Google's Pixel 4a has landed, and now our sights are firmly set on the flagship follow-up to last year's Pixel 4. But 2020 has been a year of change for Google and the Pixel lineup, and that extends to the Pixel 5. The details that have leaked so far would sound ridiculous in 2019, but so far as we know, they're all true.

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Google Maps speed limit coverage upgraded in US and 17 other regions, downgraded in 100 others

Google will usually adjust its Maps speed limit support for a handful of countries every so often. Last we saw, Google had upgraded it in nine regions, but downgraded it in nine others. This time around, many more regions are involved — 18 regions, including the US, have had their speed limit coverage improved, but a whopping 100 others have had theirs worsened.

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OnePlus 7 and 7T series receive update with Buds support and July security patch — now with download links

The OnePlus 7 and 7T series had fallen behind in updates over the past few months, as the OP7, 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro remained stuck on the May security patch. Thankfully, all phones are receiving an OxygenOS update with newer security fixes and a few small features.

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Google announces Wear OS update with performance and UI improvements

Google's Wear OS platform has been in a holding pattern for much of the past year, while the company waits for its acquisition of Fitbit to go through (or be shut down over antitrust lawsuits). Thankfully, Google hasn't completely forgotten about its existing wearable platform, as a new update is coming in the fall with some much-needed improvements.

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Google resumes its attack on the URL bar, hides full addresses on Chrome 86

Google has tried on and off for years to hide full URLs in Chrome's address bar, because apparently long web addresses are scary and evil. Despite the public backlash that came after every previous attempt, Google is pressing on with new plans to hide all parts of web addresses except the domain name in Chrome 86, this time accompanied by a hover animation.

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OnePlus 7 and 7T series get new Open Beta with August security patches — download links now available

OnePlus is hard at work on its OxygenOS 11 update, but the updates aren't stopping for its existing Android 10-based software. The company just released two Open Beta updates across four of its phones, with security patches and bug fixes in tow.

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G Suite accounts are slowly getting new Gmail experience with bundled chat, video, and files

A month ago, Google announced that it would turn Gmail for G Suite into a hub encompassing all of Google's productivity platforms, with access to videoconferencing, chats, Docs, and more collaboration tools. The company is now ready to roll out this experience to the web and Android. It's expected to hit all domains with Chat preferred enabled by September 15.

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Play Music is dying, and some people still can't make YouTube Music their default provider in Assistant

Play Music will disappear over the next few months, starting with South Africa and New Zealand in September and the rest of the world following in October. While YouTube Music (YTM) is already an almost full-fledged (albeit quirky) replacement in the US and many parts of Europe, the same can't be said for some other countries. In some, YTM isn't available as a default music provider in the Assistant, and there's no proper voice control for Google's latest streaming service, either.

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