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New Split a Bill feature coming to Google Pay — testing first in Singapore

Today Google revealed a handful of new features rolling out in Google Pay for folks in Singapore, but buried inside the announcement was a bit of news that may ultimately apply to all of us: A self-explanatory "Split a Bill" feature that's being tested in Singapore before it comes to other countries. Singaporeans can also look forward to PayNow support at two more banks, they can purchase movie tickets at Golden Village and Shaw Theaters, and they can enjoy a new "scratchcard" rewards system.

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Apple Music for Android adds a crossfade feature

Apple Music gained a bunch of fresh new features in iOS 14, and they're enough to make YouTube Music jealous. The changes that landed on Android in beta version 3.4 include autoplay, a new smarter search experience, a revamped Now Playing interface, and one that got lost in all the other new stuff: crossfade.

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Microsoft's Trove marketplace lets you sell your photos for money and science

There are various photographer marketplaces on the web, which help professionals find interesting gigs that match their skills. These can be photoshoots for a new restaurant's dishes, a wedding, or even a new phone that's coming out. In most of these cases, the pictures are meant for private or commercial use, but I had never heard of images being captured explicitly for a machine's enjoyment, until now. Microsoft’s Trove project helps connect developers with people, who could supply photos to train machine learning models.

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Nest Audio speakers are already showing up in stores

Overnight, Lowes accidentally pushed up a product page for Google's upcoming Nest Audio smart speaker, confirming most of the details that already leaked (including a $99 price tag), and dropping a small pile of official images for the upcoming speaker. Seemingly not to be outdone by Lowes' accident, Walmart is already putting the speaker on shelves.

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TicWatch Pro 3 revealed as first Wear OS device with Qualcomm's new chip

Qualcomm revealed two new wearable chipsets back in June, the Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+. The new chips are a significant upgrade over Qualcomm's previous designs, with up to 85% faster performance and improved battery optimization, but there hasn't been a Wear OS smartwatch yet that utilizes the newer chipsets. That's finally changing, as Mobvoi has announced the first Wear OS watch with the Wear 4100.

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Here's our first look at the Pixel 5 in its hot new green colorway

Google's Launch Night In is just around the corner, at which the company is expected to formally reveal new Pixel phones, the new Chromecast with Google TV, and a new Nest-branded smart speaker. But leaks continue in the now week-long leadup to the event, and today Roland Quandt has revealed what looks like an official promo image, showing off the new Nest speaker and Chromecast remote. But, most importantly, we also get to see what the green Pixel 5 looks like.

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Google’s latest AI experiment wants you to lip-sync a song to help it learn how we speak

Google's AI projects are by far some of the most impressive in the world. If you use a Pixel device, there's AI behind almost everything you do, from taking photos to talking to Assistant. Google's latest experiment asks you to lipsync with a popular song, and in return, you get a scorecard rating your efforts. Think Singstar without the music videos or the ability to choose the song, and you've got an accurate idea of what this does.

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100+ 3D objects in Google Search to explore from the comfort of your home

Even if stay-at-home orders are slowly lifting all around the globe, we're mostly supposed to stay inside to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. But that shouldn't stop us from exploring things we'd normally see in museums or shops thanks to 3D models available in Google Search on Android and iOS. We've already covered which animals and pets you can lure into your home, but if you and your kids get tired of acting as an amateur zoologist, there is a whole world to explore, starting with planets and space crafts courtesy of NASA over anatomy all the way to shopping for shoes, and most recently, chemistry models.

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Closing your perfectly innocent incognito tabs will no longer cause Chrome to freeze

For the last two months, spanning from Chrome version 84 to 85, some people have been experiencing spontaneous interface freezes, mostly when trying to close their last incognito tab. Google acknowledge the issue quickly and promised a timely fix, and it seems like it's finally rolling out with the latest minor Chrome update. People on version 85.0.4183.127 report that the freezes have stopped for them, and the corresponding entry in the Chromium bug tracker has been marked as fixed.

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Personal Gmail accounts can now try G Suite's File Stream to sync Drive content to their computers

If you're familiar with Google Drive, you probably know the most convenient way to sync your local folders to the cloud is to use the Backup and Sync app, which seamlessly replicates the folders on your computer to your Google Drive, and vice versa. However, if you're a G Suite user, you have to rely on another app called Drive File Stream, which does things differently. Instead of downloading your content locally, it lets you access it using your computer's file browser, much like a NAS. Google appears to want to extend these features to regular Drive accounts, and is looking for testers who'd be willing to try Drive File Stream on their computer.

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