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Android 11 tweaks the screenshot Markup interface and adds a delete button

Google introduced a native screenshot editing interface back in Android 9. Dubbed Markup, it provided a quick and easy way to edit screenshots prior to sharing or saving. And while it worked just fine, there was one tiny oversight: you couldn't delete a screenshot from the Markup editor itself. With the upcoming release of Android 11, it looks like Google is adding that delete option.

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Galaxy A11 and A21 now on sale at a growing number of US carriers

It was bound to be another summer of Samsung budget smartphones and, by golly, we've got more to add to the list. The Galaxy A51 and A71 still await their 5G-enabled counterparts, but we do have widespread availability now of the Galaxy A11 and A21.

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Google's 2020 smartphone strategy is a mess, and I'm trying to untangle it

Based on what we know from a 9to5Google report this morning, the Google Pixel smartphone lineup is about to get very strange. In summary, we now expect three phones: a Pixel 4a, a Pixel 4a 5G, and a Pixel 5. Out of the picture are a defunct Pixel 4a XL and a never-actually-appeared-anywhere Pixel 5 XL. This strategy is deeply bewildering on a number of levels, and in my view feels like a combination of COVID-induced supply chain anarchy and a reaction to Apple's continued diversification of the iPhone lineup. The former is, frankly, boring: it just means the phones will be delayed and probably come in fewer configurations.

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Android 11 Beta incorporates refined smart home controls into power menu

We've known that Android 11 plans to integrate smart home controls into the long-press power menu, building on the wallet functionality it already added, and we've even seen mockups for what it will look like. But today we've received a report of the change live and in the wild on a Pixel running Android 11 DP4, and it turns out, anyone on Android 11 can enable it by sideloading the latest Google Home app release.

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Leak suggests Google's 2020 Pixel lineup is about to get weird

Google's smartphone plans for this year are still vague, even though the Pixel 3a has already been discontinued. We already know quite a bit about the Pixel 4a, but more details have emerged about Google's 2020 Pixels, thanks to an app teardown conducted by 9to5Google.

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It's time to get the TicWatch Pro for $140 ($60 off) from Amazon

Mobvoi is one of the few companies still taking the future of Wear OS seriously and releasing new hardware. But today Mobvoi has a deal reaching into the past. The company's 2018 flagship smartwatch, the TicWatch Pro, is available on Amazon for just $139.99, a savings of $60 off recent prices.

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Google starts highlighting 'Captured on Pixel' photos across Ambient Mode screens

Ambient Mode lets you choose what your Google screens — Android TVs, Chromecasts, and smart displays — show when they're idle; it's basically a slideshow screensaver. Google's started taking the opportunity to do a little subtle advertising for its Pixel phones: a new Captured on Pixel photo category is rolling out as an Ambient Mode option.

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LG is bringing its Velvet UI to older flagships, starting with the V50


Android 11's Device Drop Monitor app surveys you after your phone falls down

Android 11 Beta 2 landed a few days ago, but we keep finding new things to share. Mishaal Rahman reports on Twitter that the latest version of the OS comes with a new pre-installed app called Device Drop Monitor. It's supposed to recognize when you drop your phone and records the duration and acceleration using your handset's sensors.

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