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The new Google Photos share menu is a much-needed improvement

Google has been rolling out a new share menu to Photos over the past few weeks, and it seems to have reached most people by now. For those of you who share media through Photos often, this change is a godsend.

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Latest OxygenOS Open Betas for OnePlus 7 and 7T lineups bring some new gaming-related features

OnePlus is on its 18th OxygenOS Open Beta for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, and this update primarily focuses on improving the gaming experience. It does come with a few other fixes and minor additions, as well as the latest September security patch.

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LineageOS now supports every Pixel phone except 4a

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM for Android devices, bringing new OS versions to phones and tablets that have long since been unsupported. The Pixel lineup has mostly been ignored by the project, outside of the original models, but now nearly every Google-made phone is receiving official builds of LineageOS.

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OnePlus explains why OnePlus 5 and 5T updates have been delayed

When the OnePlus 5 had 4K electronic image stabilization (EIS) added shortly after launch back in 2017, we were pretty amazed with the results. Unfortunately, OnePlus disabled EIS for the OP5 and OP5T back in May due to a bug. Four months later, OnePlus is clarifying why exactly owners are stuck with shaky video and a dated security patch.

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One UI 2.5's 116 new emoji include ninjas, boba tea, and a really cute beaver

Some people get excited about new hardware and software releases in the fall, but it's important not to forget about the new emoji being brought into the world. Samsung's One UI 2.5 update incorporates the latest designs from Unicode 13, bringing us 116 new emoji, including boba tea, pinched fingers, and a really cute beaver.

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The Surface Duo bends but doesn't break in JerryRigEverything's durability test

We got our hands on Microsoft's Surface Duo last month, but we weren't allowed to give it the ol' bend test. Now that the device has been released into the wild, YouTuber Zack JerryRigEverything Nelson tried it out in one of his infamous durability videos — and the results are a little surprising.

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OnePlus is bringing another of its apps to the Play Store for faster updates

OnePlus has added a number of its native apps to the Play Store lately, teasing new looks in line with its OxygenOS 11 redesign. Big focuses for the overhaul so far have included reachability and convenience, and OnePlus Messages is no exception. OnePlus has finally added its messaging app to the Play Store in preparation for faster updates, and it looks like the first one will come with some nice new features.

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This is what that 'Google X enrollment' notification on your phone means

When you upgrade to Android 11, you might notice a mysterious-sounding "X Google enrollment" notification appear on first boot, saying "enrollment is running in the background." It disappears after a few seconds, and though it might sound odd, it's no cause for concern: It's just related to the Google Assistant. In fact, Google plans on tweaking the notification in the future to be more clear about what's going on.

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Google's upcoming Nest Audio speakers should cost less than $100

Google is poised to launch its new lineup of smart home products on September 30, and one of the new additions will be a smart speaker branded under the Nest Audio name. Earlier this summer we heard rumors about a premium Google Home successor and got an early, unflattering look when the device passed through the FCC. Google gifted us a video last month, and just a few days ago, the branding for the speaker was uncovered. Now we've got official product photos and some exclusive details to share.

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Here are the first official photos of the Google TV Chromecast and remote

It's been a while since Google refreshed its Chromecast lineup, but the time is almost upon us. We've known about Sabrina for months, and details about branding, launch price, and the likely release date have been revealed. Now official product photography of the upcoming TV dongle and remote has leaked, and I like what I see.

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