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UL Benchmarks accuses Oppo of cheating, pulls scores for Find X and F7

Synthetic benchmark tests rarely prove how well a smartphone performs in real-world use, especially because most phone manufacturers have been caught tampering with results. Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, and others have implemented software tweaks that speed up their devices while benchmarks are being executed. You can now add Oppo to that list, according to UL Benchmark (the maker of 3DMark and other popular testing software).

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Oppo to release a Find X variant with 10GB of RAM

Android phones used to come with a few hundred megabytes of RAM, then 1GB, and then 2 or 4GB. Now, 6 and even 8GB phones are common at the high-end. It's debatable if 8GB of RAM is useful on Android, but Oppo is pushing the envelope even further. A listing from Chinese regulator TENAA shows a version of the Find X with 10GB of RAM is on the way.

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Oppo Find X sports a bezel-free design with pop-up cameras

Everyone is trying to do away with bezels on smartphones, but necessities like front-facing cameras get in the way. That's why so many phones are shipping with screen notches lately. With the new Find X, Oppo is the second device maker to avoid the notch with a pop-up camera. Although, this phone actually puts all its cameras on the pop-up mechanism. It's a bit elaborate to avoid some bezel, but hey, no notch.

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