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Unannounced OnePlus 'E1005' Appears At The FCC

The OnePlus 2 has been sort of available for a few months now, but it's still not something you can just purchase. The Shenzhen-based company is moving forward with a second phone, which has been mentioned in passing a few times. Now, it's shown up at the FCC. Most of the details of the device have been kept confidential, but there is one good image of it from the back and another not so good from the front.

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Official Team Win Recovery Project Build Now Available For The OnePlus 2

Say what you will about the OnePlus 2 (and we certainly have), it's perhaps the most likely phone released this year to be modified by end users, with the possible exception of the new Nexus devices. So it's a good thing that all those tinkerers and ROM flashers now have a reliable way of applying updates and making backups. Team Win Recovery Project, better known as TWRP, is now available in a OnePlus 2 flavor. It's version 2.8.7, the latest stable release.

At this point the TWRP custom recovery is probably the most popular among the many recovery options available across a wide variety of Android devices.

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OxygenOS 2.1 Is Now Rolling Out To The OnePlus 2 With Manual Camera Mode, Customizable Color Balance, And More

The build of OxygenOS that shipped on the OnePlus 2 is good, but it's still very light on features compared to Cyanogen OS. The OTA update announced today should improve things a bit, though. There are some changes to the camera, display, and the usual smattering of bug fixes.

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[Update: It Does] The OnePlus 2 Camera Might Not Have Optical Image Stabilization As Claimed [Video]

OnePlus made a big deal of the camera in the OnePlus 2. There's a whole page on its website to brag about features like laser autofocus and optical image stabilization. However, some owners on the OnePlus forums have been raising concerns about whether or not the image stabilization is even enabled right now.

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OnePlus 2 Review: The Flagships Are Safe For Now

OnePlus came out of nowhere last year with a phone that appealed to a lot of cynical smartphone-using curmudgeons. A device with great specs, capable software, and a reasonable price? What's the catch? Oh, invites. Well, the OnePlus One still managed to win a lot of fans, and now the company's followup, the OnePlus 2 is (sort of) available. This device also has an invite system, and the price is a little higher. Is it worth scrounging and begging to get an invite to buy this one, though? After all, they claim it's a "2016 flagship killer." Let's find out.

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[Video] Apparent OnePlus 2 Grounding Issue Makes The Home Button Extremely Unresponsive

The touchscreen issues that plagued the OnePlus One are well known at this point, but what about the OnePlus 2? This device is still trickling out to the illustrious recipients of invites, and it appears to have a different grounding issue. Rather than affecting the screen, this one affects the capacitive home button. Maybe I'm holding it wrong?

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[Update: New Links] Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA Update (Based On Android 5.1.1) Now Available To Download For The OnePlus One

The time has come for OnePlue One owners to get a taste of the latest version of Lollipop. Cyanogen OS 12.1, which comes with Android 5.1.1, is now heading out to devices. Though, the rollout is starting off small, with only 2% of users getting the goods.

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OnePlus Has Delayed The OnePlus 2 In North America By 2-3 Weeks

The OnePlus 2 announcement hasn't gone particularly smoothly for the Chinese company thanks to a handful of missing features, but OnePlus has still managed to attract a huge number of people to the invite waiting list. Now there's going to be a little more waiting completely separate from the invites. OnePlus has announced via its forums that North American shipments of the OnePlus 2 are delayed by 2-3 weeks.

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OnePlus Updates OnePlus 2 International Specs To Confirm It Will Have TDD-LTE Bands 38, 40, And 41


OnePlus finally announced the OnePlus 2 the other day, and potential buyers are currently coming to grips with several missing features including NFC and Quick Charging. It appeared at first that some international users were going to have a much more substantial shortcoming to deal with as the device apparently lacked several important LTE bands. OnePlus has quietly updated its specs to confirm support of these bands, so all should be fine.

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The OnePlus 2 Does Not Support Quick Charging Or Wireless Charging Of Any Kind

In case you were wondering (and it seems many of you were): the OnePlus 2 does not support Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology or any other sort of fast charge tech, and it also lacks wireless charging of any kind. As to the latter, well: it is what it is. No wireless charging.

Update: We've received a statement from Qualcomm clarifying the Quick Charge / USB-C situation. While there is no specific technological restriction that would not allow USB-C and Quick Charge to play nicely together, there are cost considerations. Specifically, Qualcomm had this to say:

Any QC2.0 power controller part would work with any QC2.0 power accessory, both with Type-A and Type-C connectors.

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