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The 5 worst things about the OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 Pro is without question a critical success for the company, but its high price and limited availability have stoked the ire of many long-time OnePlus fans. We don't think those are the only issues with this $900 flagship, though: there are definitely areas where the 8 Pro may not satisfy even those who find its cost acceptable. We're going to break down the five things we think make the 8 Pro a less-than-ideal phone (if still a great one).

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The 5 best things about the OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 Pro is still a lot of phone for the money, even if its high price hasn't gone down well with a large section of the company's fan base. And the new features it adds like rapid wireless charging and proper waterproofing are unarguably big and long-sought improvements that bring OnePlus' new flagship to the level of phones like Samsung's Galaxy S20+, which costs hundreds of dollars more than the 8 Pro. Altogether, we still think there's a lot to like about this $900 phone, and here are the top five, standout features we think make it shine.

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OnePlus 8 vs 8 Pro comparison: Which flagship killer is right for you?

OnePlus' newest smartphones are packing many of the latest and greatest parts and features you can find in high-end phones right now,  and the 8 Pro in particular has brought some long-demanded improvements. The 8 Pro, announced several weeks ago, has become the first phone from the company ever to support wireless charging and receive an IP rating — two of the longest-standing downsides to OnePlus smartphones. But as much as these features have satisfied the demand of fans, they've also created a much more noticeable difference between the basic OnePlus 8 and the 8 Pro.

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OnePlus 8 Android 11 Beta points to 'OnePlus Pods' name for rumored truly wireless earbuds

More evidence for OnePlus rumored true wireless earbuds has surfaced in the latest Android 11 Beta that the company released for the OnePlus 8 series yesterday. According to details dug up by the folks at XDA Developers, they may be called "OnePlus Pods" and may have their own dedicated companion app. Other software details further corroborate that these new earbuds will be truly wireless, as previous leaks indicated.

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The Android 11 Beta is coming to these phones

Google dropped the first Android 11 Beta yesterday, which means functionality is getting close to what we can expect in the final, stable version. This is usually the stage at which other OEMs are brought on board so developers and enthusiasts can install the Android Beta on devices other than Google Pixels, and now Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus are announcing support for several of their phones.

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OnePlus 8 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Pro — is the big price hike justified?

The OnePlus 8 Pro is by far the most expensive smartphone OnePlus has ever produced. At $900, it's within shouting range of "proper" flagships like the Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 Pro. While it does come with the company's most impressive array of features ever, there's no doubt that fans of OnePlus have balked at the idea of a near-$1000 OnePlus smartphone — a phone from the company that debuted the original OnePlus One at just $300. Compared to even the outgoing 7T Pro, the 8 Pro comes with a big price hike, and that's what we're taking a closer look at in this article.

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Get the OnePlus 6T for just $300 from B&H Photo ($250 off)

The OnePlus 6T is nearly two years old now, but it's still a high-end smartphone by all accounts. The model with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage was originally priced at $579, but now you can get it for just $300 from B&H Photo.

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Android 11 Beta for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro now available for download

For the last few years, Google and its partners have leveraged Project Treble to get preview versions of Android on more smartphones. For Android 11, Pixels have been the only game in town until now. OnePlus is now offering downloads of Android 11 for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, but don't expect something stable enough for your daily driver.

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Latest Oxygen OS update re-enables the 'X-ray' color filter camera on Oneplus 8 Pro

Turns out, there was a little more to the OxygenOS 10.5.10 update for the 8 Pro than we thought. Although it isn't mentioned in the changelog, we can confirm that the update also re-enables the "X-Ray" color filter infrared camera on the 8 Pro, previously disabled in the 10.5.9 update before it was pulled.

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LineageOS 17.1 adds official support for OnePlus 2, Moto X Play, and other phones

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM around, and version 17.1 is based on the newest Android 10 release. The Lineage project has been slowly updating older devices to 17.1, and in the time since our previous coverage, even more devices have arrived in the official roster.

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