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OnePlus Misses Self-Imposed Deadline For Releasing OxygenOS ROM, Promises Daily Progress Reports Going Forward

OnePlus tried to assuage fears of a stagnating OS experience a few months ago during the CyanogenOS fallout by announcing it was working on a ROM for the OnePlus One. Eventually dubbed OxygenOS, the company has been working on getting the software out the door for several months. OnePlus promised to have it done by March 27th (today), but that's not happening. Bummer.


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OnePlus Is Raising Prices In Europe Because Of The Declining Euro—€30 More For 16GB And €50 More For 64GB

Bad news, Europe. Global economic forces, combined with the uncertainty over planned quantitative easing have reduced the value of the Euro, resulting in lower buying power for European consumers. Oh, and a smartphone maker is raising its prices. Outrageous! OnePlus has announced an impending price increase for the One in Europe to compensate for the lower value of the currency, but you've got until March 25th to get the current price.

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OnePlus Sets Dates For The One's Lollipop Update: OxygenOS On March 27th, CyanogenMod On March 30th

Owners of the OnePlus One tend to be among the most dedicated (read: rabid) Android fans out there - they have to be, since it still takes no small amount of legwork to actually buy the phone. That being the case, those owners have waited a long time for the final, official update to Android 5.0. They won't have to wait much longer: an official OnePlus representative told members of the company forum that the updates will begin on March 27th, just a little over a week from now.

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OnePlus One Coming Soon To All EU Countries


OnePlus: Official CM12S (Android 5.0) OTA Will Land In Mid To Late March, Same With OxygenOS Release

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei stated on Twitter early this morning that the company's One and only phone will be receiving its CyanogenMod 12S update (read: Lollipop) in "mid to late" March. Pei also implied that a similar timeline was in place for the company's in-house-ish Oxygen OS ROM.


Pei noted - in response to claims that current 12S nightlies seem stable - that "proprietary drivers, code, QA, [and] certifications" were responsible for the company missing its 90-day deadline to update the phone to Android 5.0.

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OnePlus Holds Contest To Crowdsource Accessories For The One, Awaits Your Ideas

OnePlus wants more ideas for accessories for its flagship and sole phone, the One. To produce them, it's looking to you. And by you, I mean those of you with the knowledge and will to throw together a CAD file.

OnePlus is working with Ultimaker, a 3D printing company, to hold a contest in which fans get to design their own accessories—not limited to cases—for the One. The public will select twenty finalists.

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OnePlus' OxygenOS Won't Be Open Source, Cyanogen Himself Pokes Fun

You might have heard OnePlus has formed a dev team to build its OxygenOS ROM. They even did an AMA on the /r/Android subreddit today. Among the bits of info revealed by the team is the fact that OxygenOS won't be open source. Instead it will be a "real OS." Steve "Cyanogen" Kondik couldn't resist poking fun at that.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.22.30 AM

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[Update: OTA Download URL] OTA For CyanogenMod 11S 05Q Is Heading Out To The OnePlus One Today

As OnePlus One owners wait (im)patiently for a Lollipop update, there's still work to be done on KitKat for this device. OnePlus has completed work on a CM11 system update, and it's pushing to devices later today. The update is release 05Q (based on Android 4.4.4) and contains a hefty list of fixes and improvements.


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OnePlus Will Open Up Sales Every Tuesday For 24 Hours, No Invite Required

The new OTA isn't the only OnePlus One news this morning. It's getting easier to buy... kind of. OnePlus will start opening up sales every Tuesday to anyone and everyone (in supported countries) without an invite. Imagine that, buying a phone without an invite. How innovative.


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OnePlus Shares Brief Video Teasing Android Lollipop On The OnePlus One

OnePlus One owners are waiting for the latest version of Android to come to their devices, and the company has decided to stoke their excitement on Google+ with a brief video showing that yes, Lollipop is coming, and soon.

In the 24 second clip we see the kind of stock experience Nexus and Motorola device owners have grown accustomed to over the past few months, just with a couple CyanogenMod-related apps thrown in.

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