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OnePlus Makes The One's Price Drop Permanent, Announces New Dropbox Deal

OnePlus put its "flagship-killer" on sale last week for $50 off. Now that you can actually buy it, that's a good deal. Today the company is announcing that the price drop is now permanent, and there's a Dropbox deal starting in just a few days.


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[Deal Alert] OnePlus Will Sell The One For $50 Off During 'Flash Sales' This Week

The OnePlus One is still a great deal in terms of hardware, even more than a year after its release. If you'd like an even better deal, keep an eye on the OnePlus online store this week. According to this page, the One will be $50 off during "flash" sales, at least once per day between today, June 1st and Sunday, June 7th. Times for the start of the sale will vary, and presumably a set number of discounted phones will be sold each day.

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Team Win Recovery Project Now Supports Native Qualcomm Encryption On The OnePlus One

If you're a frequent ROM flasher (why does that sound mildly dirty?) and a OnePlus One owner, you might want to grab the latest build of TWRP. A Team Win developer says that it now supports Qualcomm's native encryption scheme in addition to Android's standard AOSP encryption. Why does this matter? According to Ethan "Dees Troy" Yonker and cited benchmarks, Qualcomm's encryption offers better performance when compared to Google's encryption applied to the same hardware.

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[At Last] OnePlus One's Touchscreen Issues Appear To Be Gone After A New Firmware Fix For Nightly Users

At this point, the words "OnePlus One" and "touchscreen issues" seem to be almost synonymous on our site. You can't mention one without the other being brought up after all the annoyed reports from users, promises of solutions, so-called "fixes" being rolled out, only to be followed by an emerging set of new issues and vows by OnePlus like a snake that sheds its skin only to regrow another one. But that may be over.

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After A New Round Of Touchscreen Issues, OnePlus Promises Another Firmware Fix For The One

One of the more persistent and frustrating issues with the OnePlus One has been its touchscreen, which saw a spat of problems and firmware fixes late last year. A software update in November seemed to have fixed the glitches, but in the last few weeks dozens of users on the official OnePlus forums have reported a resurgence of touchscreen issues. Perhaps it has something to do with the new Android updates, perhaps it's because of the rising temperatures as spring hits the northern hemisphere.

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Cyanogen OS 12 Resumes Its Rollout On The OnePlus One With Build Number YNG1TAS17L

Today marks OnePlus One's one year anniversary — so it's one plus years old now? — and the company is officially celebrating with a 50% reduction on select accessories and a new update for its users. Lollipop 5.0.2, which had started going out to devices on April 13th (as version YNG1TAS0YL) but was halted on April 20th supposedly due to a new "OK OnePlus" feature (Edit: but was most likely due to the wakelock bug), is now resuming its rollout under a newer build: YNG1TAS17L.

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OnePlus Finally Begins Open Sales Of The One, No Invite Necessary; Co-Founder Teases 'OK OnePlus' Voice Activation Feature

A little less than one year ago, I called the OnePlus One "the best flagship phone you can't buy" in my initial review. The phone had some impressive hardware at an amazing price, and in many ways it still does, but the system of invitations and qualifications built around actually buying the One made obtaining the device an exercise in frustration. It's taken them eleven months (and what seems like dozens of separate promotions and half-measures), but you can finally order a OnePlus One without an invitation of any kind starting today.

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Cyanogen OS 12 Is Rolling Out To The OnePlus One—Download The ZIP File Right Here

Cyanogen announced today via Google+ that Cyanogen OS 12 (Lollipop) is finally available for OnePlus One users. If you want that Lollipop action right now, we've got the ZIP file. Cyanogen OS 12 features all the material design eye candy one would expect, as well as the more functional changes of Lollipop. In addition to the standard fare, there are a couple of features exclusive to Cyanogen.


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OnePlus Releases 1.0 Build Of Its In-House OxygenOS ROM, CyanogenMod 12S Update Still MIA

After the rather public fallout between niche manufacturer OnePlus and its initial software supplier Cyanogen, the company promised to deliver an Android ROM developed on its own. Oxygen OS, the fruit of that particular labor, is now available to download in stable form for OnePlus One owners. OxygenOS is a customized ROM based on Android 5.0.2, built with at least some input from members of the Paranoid Android ROM team.

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OnePlus Says It Has Dramatically Improved Customer Service In Response To Your Feedback/Yelling

OnePlus has made some missteps in the last year as it slowly rolled out the OnePlus One. For those who were able to buy the invite-only phone, the lacking customer service was a common complaint. According to a new post on the OnePlus blog, they've been working to fix that and have made good progress. So if you could please stop yelling at them, they'd appreciate it.


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