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Specs for the US version of the OnePlus Nord have leaked, and they look pretty good

The OnePlus Nord didn't make it stateside at launch, but OnePlus said that a separate model in the Nord line would come to the US down the line. Speaking with an insider source, Android Central has obtained details on this US-model Nord, dubbed the Nord N10 5G.

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OnePlus Nord receives Oxygen OS 10.5.7 with display calibration fixes and power consumption improvements

OnePlus only launched the Nord last month, but it's already pushing out one update after the other, mostly focused on improving the camera and battery life. That's not too different with the latest Oxygen OS release to hit the midrange phone, bearing version number 10.5.7.

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OxygenOS 10.5.6 for the OnePlus Nord brings image stabilization and battery improvements

For a phone that's only been out since the beginning of the month, the OnePlus Nord sure has received a lot of updates. This latest OxygenOS update, which comes only a few days after the last one, makes some more improvements to the camera, plus some improvements in the system, power, and Bluetooth categories.

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OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 10.5.5 update with camera and charging improvements available for download

The OnePlus Nord hasn't been available for very long, but it has already received a slew of OxygenOS updates, mostly containing bug fixes. Now yet another OxygenOS update is coming to the Nord, with fixes for the system, camera, charging speed, and other core components.

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You shouldn't import a OnePlus Nord in the US, and here's why

It seems like the US will eventually get its very own OnePlus Nord of some kind, but with reviews praising the first "budget" phone from OnePlus as a standout success (including our own), you could be understandably tempted to find a gray market reseller offering imported models from Europe or India. But you should really consider a few things before you pull the trigger, and in fact, we strongly advise against doing so — because while the typical missing LTE bands for carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T are still an issue (along with no Verizon compatibility at all), there's a whole other can of worms to get into that you've probably not considered related to the impending shutdown of 3G networks in the US, that could stop a Nord from working entirely on some carriers.

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The Pixel 5 might have a lower-end chipset, but we're not worried, and here's why

Of the available evidence, everything points to a Snapdragon 765G powering the anticipated Pixel 5, and that's caused a lot of spec-gazers to cast a doubtful eye on Google's upcoming phone. Prior to the Pixel 5, every Pixel phone used the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series chipset, the most powerful SoCs available on the open market. With the 765G, though, we don't necessarily think Google's made a bad move—we've been using phones with the new high-end-of-the-mid-range Qualcomm chip—like the OnePlus Nord—and we're impressed. And we think there's really no reason the Pixel 5 really needs to full-fat 865 as a result.

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OnePlus releases trailer for 'feature film' Nord documentary

OnePlus just published a teaser video to its YouTube account for an upcoming documentary regarding the OnePlus Nord. You might have thought the four-part New Beginnings series already published to YouTube was enough, but apparently, the company has a "feature film" version of the documentary planned, too. It premieres August 18th on Amazon Prime Video, but you can catch a glimpse at what to expect in the 40-second trailer here.

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OxygenOS 10.5.4 for the OnePlus Nord delivers camera and display improvements

The OnePlus Nord hasn't even been out for two weeks, but it's now receiving its second update. This one is OxygenOS 10.5.4; it's not a major update by any means, but it does bring some optimizations to the cameras and the display. It also has some small bug fixes.

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OnePlus is preloading its phones with Facebook bloatware

Bloatware on Android phones has been around for so long — especially on Samsung and Huawei phones — that it's hardly even news anymore. Even so, it was a huge surprise when we found out that OnePlus has involved itself in this dubious practice. The OxygenOS bloatware in question comes from probably the shadiest company of them all — Facebook. Starting with the OnePlus 8 series and continuing with the Nord, users have had to put up with a bunch of Facebook-owned apps and a few background services on their brand-new handsets, some of which cannot be uninstalled.

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OnePlus Nord is now available to buy — here's where you can get it

The OnesPlus Nord has been one of the most hyped phones in the year, but reviews — including our own — have suggested that it's worth our attention. While pre-orders sold out in almost no time at all, the phone went on general sale today across Europe and Asia. Here's where you can get it from, assuming there's still any stock left.

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