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OnePlus 8T


Premature OnePlus 8T Amazon listing points to cheaper starting price

With OnePlus phones, it’s customary to receive a barrage of leaks and tidbits in the lead up to the eventual reveal. While the OnePlus 8T is set to go official next month, we already know a fair bit about the upcoming budget flagship, except for its price. It looks like we now have an idea about that, too, thanks to a leaked Amazon listing. The most interesting takeaway here is that OnePlus could price the 8T considerably lower than the 8.

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OnePlus will unveil its next phone on October 14

OnePlus has announced the date for its next phone launch — the OnePlus 8T will be revealed at a livestreamed event on Wednesday, October 14, at 7AM PST (10AM EST, 3PM BST). It's been rumored that only a single phone will be launched in with 8T branding, and that looks all but confirmed as it's referred to in the singular (rather than series) throughout today's announcement.

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OnePlus 8T renders look predictable, but this new spec detail is not

It's about time we got some renders for an unreleased phone — this go around, it's the OnePlus 8T. But things aren't so cut-and-dry here with the source of this intelligence putting out a couple of curveballs as to how these pictures were drawn up and this one big spec line we thought was set in stone.

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OnePlus 8T reportedly features 120Hz display, updated 48MP camera

We didn't expect to be talking about four OnePlus smartphones in the frame of a year, but we are approach the point where we'll be seeing the half-step sequel to the OnePlus 8, the OnePlus 8T. We're learning more about that phone today thanks to a late spec report.

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