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OnePlus 6T sales are up 249% over the OnePlus 6

OnePlus doesn't say a lot about its phone sales. You might get the occasional empty platitude about sales exceeding expectations or what have you, but CEO Pete Lau reportedly offered a real sales metric to PCMag's Sascha Segan. He says sales of the 6T have jumped 249% compared to the OnePlus 6 launched earlier this year.

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The OnePlus 6 is $100 off again in the US ($479+), $130 off in Canada ($639+)

Shortly after the 6T was released, OnePlus discounted all versions of the OP6 by $100. That was a solid deal, especially since the OP6 has continued to get better over time (and it still has a headphone jack). If you missed out on that sale, it's back — for both the US and Canada.

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OnePlus Black Friday deals include a free charger with OnePlus 6T purchase and 20-50% off OnePlus 6 and 5T accessories

OnePlus already knocked a few bucks off the price of the OnePlus 6 in advance of Black Friday, but it's not ignoring the traditional day of deals. Today, you can get a free charger with the OnePlus 6T, or you can grab some accessories for the older phones at a steep discount.

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[Update: Sale active, £70 off in UK] The OnePlus 6 drops $100 ($429-529) for Black Friday

OnePlus is pushing the new 6T pretty hard with its T-Mobile partnership. However, there are still some OnePlus 6 units sitting around in the warehouse. Apparently, that means it's time for a sale. OnePlus will knock $100 off the price of the OnePlus 6 starting at 3AM EST tomorrow.

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OnePlus 6 Open Beta 7 adds new roaming option, enhanced colors in videos, and more

A new beta has landed for the OnePlus 6. This one brings some fixes and improvements to telephony and other communications, plus some extra launcher options. But the highlights in this update are what OnePlus calls OnePlus Roaming and Video Enhancer.

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OxygenOS 9.0.2 for the OnePlus 6 adds Nightscape, Assistant shortcut, and more

The OnePlus 6T just went on sale today, but its sibling is also getting an update to celebrate. OxygenOS 9.0.2 features several things we've seen in the last couple Open Betas (including the one from earlier this week), including Nightscape, the Assistant power button shortcut, the November security patch, and others.

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OnePlus 6 Beta 6 adds Nightscape, app-switching gesture, redesigned About Phone screen, and more

Just a day after launching its new flagship, OnePlus is already making good on its promises. Yesterday, the company announced that the new Nightscape feature to improve low-light and nighttime photography would come to the OnePlus 6 and here we are. Open Beta 6 adds just that, as well as several other things.

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'Nightscape' feature from OnePlus 6T coming to older OnePlus 6

One of the few software improvements on the recently-announced OnePlus 6T is 'Nightscape,' a low-light camera mode. While it probably won't be as impressive as the Pixel 3's crazy Night Sight feature, it's also coming to the company's previous flagship.

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[Update: Downloads live] OxygenOS 9.0 brings Pie to the OnePlus 6, includes UI changes, battery improvements, and more

Not long after the first Open Beta, OnePlus is pushing out Android 9 Pie to its latest flagship on the stable channel. This means that it gets the latest UI changes, battery improvements, as well as some other OxygenOS stuff like accent color customization and Gaming Mode 3.0.

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OnePlus 6 Open Beta 3 brings new Assistant launch method, Switch improvements, and more

OnePlus is pushing out Open Beta updates for its latest flagship quickly. The phone is already on its third version (we skipped the last one since it was rather boring), this time with more improvements across the board, plus some new features. OnePlus Switch is getting some refinements, Parallel Apps is expanding to include more options, and there's even an option to launch Assistant (or other voice assistant) by holding the power button for half a second.

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