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OnePlus 5T receives update to improve unlocking, video recording, and more

OnePlus' latest flagship, the 5T, just went on sale two days ago. It looks like OnePlus may have found a few last-minute bugs in the software, because Oxygen OS 4.7.2 has started rolling out to the phone with a few helpful fixes included.

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OnePlus 5T breaks company's launch day sales record in just six hours

Enthusiast brands tend to have strong launch day sales, since tech nerds like us are anxious to get their hands on the latest and greatest. OnePlus has been one of these brands from the get-go, offering incredible bang for the buck beginning with the One. Given this, it's pretty impressive that the 5T managed to break the company's launch day sales record in only six hours.

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The OnePlus 5T is on sale today, and you can get $20 off accessories with purchase

It feels like just yesterday that OnePlus started selling the OnePlus 5. It was actually five months ago, which is still pretty recent. Today, the new OnePlus 5T is on sale. It's $20 more expensive than the OP5 was, but it has a bigger 6-inch display and a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. If you decide to get the latest OnePlus device, you can also snag some accessories at a discount.

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OnePlus 5T withstands the JerryRigEverything treatment

The days of flimsy plastic phones are (mostly) behind us, but that doesn't mean all phones are as durable as we might like. That's why the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel takes the time to burn, scratch, and bend new phones. This time, it's the OnePlus 5T's turn, and it proves to be pretty durable.

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OnePlus 5T review: Bigger screen, bigger price, but still a good deal

The motives of many smartphone makers are somewhat opaque to outside observers, but OnePlus is as transparent as they come. OnePlus iterates its hardware relentlessly to stay on the cutting edge, and it responds to the community in a way most OEMs don't. If the smartphone market is trending someplace, you can bet OnePlus is going to follow, and it'll manage to do it all a little cheaper than the other guys.

That brings us to the latest phone from OnePlus, the predictably named OnePlus 5T. This phone is dropping just a few months after the OnePlus 5, so it's not surprising much of that phone's hardware has been recycled.

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Here are all the new wallpapers from the OnePlus 5T

It's always fun when the default wallpapers for a new device - be it from HTC, Samsung, Google, or someone else - are uploaded for everyone to enjoy. After a few months of rumors, the OnePlus 5T was officially announced earlier today, and now you can grab all the new wallpaper images included with the phone.

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OnePlus starting Oreo open beta this month, final OTAs coming in early 2018

OnePlus just announced its new flagship phone. The OnePlus 5T comes with a Snapdragon 835, a 6-inch OLED, and... Nougat? Yes, the new phone is still running an old version of Android, but that will change soon-ish. In just a few weeks you could be rocking Oreo on your OnePlus phone, but the final release is still a few months out.

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OnePlus 5T display reportedly not inverted, unlikely to suffer 'jelly scrolling' effect

Like OnePlus said during its announcement, we're harsh critics. So when the OnePlus 5's display was mounted upside down, resulting in an inversion in refresh direction and a slightly annoying "jelly" effect on movement, we were quick to cry foul about it. When it came to the new OnePlus 5T, our questions on the subject were rebuffed, but according to the folks at XDA, the OnePlus 5T's display is mounted more traditionally this time, so "jelly" scrolling shouldn't be a problem.

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OnePlus officially reveals the OnePlus 5T, starting at $499

There have been some leaks over the past few weeks when it comes to OnePlus's latest flagship, but it still hasn't killed any excitement. At the company's event in New York today, OnePlus has officially unveiled its latest phone, the OnePlus 5T. Featuring super modern slimmed-down bezels in an extended 18:9 display (with a new "Sunlight Display" feature), improved low-light camera performance, and a new Face Unlock feature, all starting at $499.

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OnePlus 5T hands-on: The expected upgrade

OnePlus is no longer satisfied to launch just one flagship phone each year. Just like last cycle, we're faced with a new OP smartphone that's not entirely new. OnePlus has just unveiled the OnePlus 5T, and it's very much the phone you expected to see. That's not just because of the leaks—we all sort of know what to expect from OnePlus now. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Even with the small price hike, this still seems like a strong competitor.

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