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OnePlus Releases OxygenOS 3.0.1 Beta For OnePlus 2, But Still No Final Marshmallow Build

Most flagship phones from last year have gotten their Marshmallow updates by this point, but not the OnePlus 2. Technically, it's not a flagship—it's a flagship killer. OnePlus took time out from killing flagships in March to release a community build (beta) of Marshmallow for the OP2, and now there's an update to that in the form of OxygenOS 3.0.1. Guess what, it's still just a community build.

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OnePlus Releases OxygenOS 3.0 (Marshmallow) Beta For The OnePlus 2

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 2 last year with Lollipop, and there it has stayed all through the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Some of the more established OEMs have already gotten 6.0 updates out the door (even those that have to go through carriers). Now it's almost OP's turn to update devices to Marshmallow. There's a beta for OxygenOS 3.0, which is based on Marshmallow. You can install it right now, if you like.

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OnePlus 2 Gets Updated To OxygenOS 2.2.1, And No, It's Not Marshmallow

OnePlus has been hounded pretty regularly in recent months by anxious OP2 owners wondering when Marshmallow is coming. Well, there's an OTA starting to roll out today and... it's not Marshmallow. Still Android 5.1, sorry. It does, however, bring RAW support to the camera, new security patches, and other little fixes.

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OnePlus 2 64GB Price Permanently Settles Down To $349 ($40 Lower), Refunds Will Be Issued For The Past 15 Days

OnePlus has been trying to get its ducks in a row for the past few months, slowly fixing most of the issues people have had with its ordering and shipping process by no longer requiring invites to buy phones and providing free shipping on orders above $100. Now it's back with another enticing reason to buy its OnePlus 2: a $40 price drop.

The phone, which launched in July, came in two different configurations: 16GB storage with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage with 4GB RAM. The former doesn't seem to be available anymore, and the latter which was priced at $389 at launch is now down to $349.

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OnePlus Feels The Holiday Spirit And Makes The OnePlus 2 Available Without An Invite Starting On December 5th

OnePlus has been visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, and they've been convinced to mend their frustrating ways. Either that, or the sales of the OnePlus 2 (which has been widely criticized for its hardware shortcomings) have been less than stellar, and the company no longer needs its rationing system in order to fill demand for the device. Starting on Saturday, the OnePlus 2 will be available for purchase without jumping through the hoops of the invitation system. It's a friggin' holiday miracle. The cheaper OnePlus X isn't getting the same treatment, but you will be able to buy one without an invite from December 5-7.

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OnePlus Extends On-Guard Insurance Plan To The US And Canada

There's a certain peace of mind that only comes from spending a bit of extra money when you buy something to get a protection plan that you probably won't even use, and now OnePlus 2 and X buyers in North America will have that option—just in time for the OnePlux X to kind of become available on these shores. And just as we saw in Europe, this enhanced warranty is only available to new customers.

Folks in the US and Canada will get the same coverage, but they're looking at slightly different prices. Okay, Canadians are getting the short end of the stick thanks to the lower value of their syrup-covered frozen dollars.

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OnePlus Announces Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Schedule For The OnePlus One And 2

OnePlus devices run Cyanogen OS or Oxygen OS, but considering the stock look and feel of both, the company's customers are just as eager for the latest version of Android as every one else. Given the nature of OnePlus buyers—many of whom have had to snag an invite to buy their phone—maybe even moreso.

So let's cut to it: The OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 are both scheduled to get Android 6.0 in the first quarter of 2016.

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OxygenOS 2.1.2 OTA Update Heading Out To OnePlus 2 And OnePlus X

An over-the-air update is currently rolling out to the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. The update number, version 2.1.2, is the same for both handsets, but the changelog is not.

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OnePlus Introduces On-Guard Insurance Plan For OnePlus 2 Buyers In Europe, Snubs Existing Owners In The Process

OnePlus has announced a new insurance plan for the OnePlus 2 and, soon, OnePlus X in Europe.

In the European Union, customers can now choose to buy On-Guard protection from simplesurance. The protection covers accidental physical and liquid damage, provides a "worry-free" claim process, and offers worldwide coverage for claims. 12 months goes for €39.99, while 24 costs €64.99.

This announcement follows a similar one in India, where OnePlus has partnered with B2X to provide the B2X Service and B2X protect plans. It also comes a month after Google announced Nexus Protect, an enhanced warranty that offers next business day replacements of accidentally damaged devices.

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[Heated Fight] After OnePlus' Jab At Samsung, Meizu Copies A Page From The Same Book And Offers To Swap A OnePlus 2 For A Free Meizu Pro 5

For a company that sells so few phones, OnePlus sure knows how to make the biggest noise with the smallest thing it does. Building on controversies propelled it to the top of many tech news cycles, but it seems that its marketing department has calmed down a little lately. The latest trick to come out of it is #TakeTheEdgeOff, a swap offer for Samsung owners. It sounds compellingly obnoxious, except that on the OnePlus scale of crazy, it's a moderately bland jab.

They're not asking you to destroy your phone, but to donate it to a charity. And not everyone can get involved, only 50 "winners" will be selected, though I'm not sure winner is the proper term when you're exchanging a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Note 5, for a OnePlus 2.

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