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OnePlus will release fewer Oxygen OS Betas going forward

OnePlus has decided to slow down the pace at which it releases its Open and Closed Betas, switching to releasing them once and twice a month, respectively. This is down from the schedule the company has held since 2016, which pushed around two Open Betas per month and four Closed Betas per month. The company says these changes will give its development team more time to address feedback and bugs, and it should make future Beta releases more stable and reliable.

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OxygenOS 10.5.10 brings May patch, HEVC recording to OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

It was a bit strange seeing OnePlus roll out its latest May security patch to the older 6 and 7 series phones before the newer 8 and 8 Pro. About a week after that release, the two 2020 flagships are being bumped to the same security level as part of an OxygenOS update that also brings a (really) lengthy list of fixes and additions.

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5 OxygenOS tips and tricks you may have forgotten about

Between Samsung’s fully loaded OneUI and the largely no-frills stock interface, OxygenOS sits right in the middle with its more judicious take on Android. OnePlus’ software skin doesn’t feel overstuffed with pointless features and manages to hit the right note — one of the reasons many of us would pick it any day over something as cluttered as MIUI. But OxygenOS still looks to be all over the place, with many of its handy tricks scattered across the Settings app, buried deep under layers of sub-sections —  keeping them out of sight.

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OnePlus pulls update that disabled the 8 Pro's 'X-ray' camera in Oxygen OS after accidental rollout

OnePlus initially claimed that the color filter camera and associated Photochrom color mode for the OnePlus 8 Pro, accused of allowing people to see through clothing, would only be disabled in China pending an undefined fix. However, an Oxygen OS update disabling the feature globally was "inadvertently" rolled out. OnePlus has since pulled the update, according to the folks at Oxygen Updater, and a subsequent OTA will re-enable the feature.

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McLaren confirms its partnership with OnePlus is over

OnePlus disappeared from McLaren Racing's list of official partners last week, and today McLaren has confirmed that its partnership with OnePlus is reaching its "scheduled conclusion." This nearly silent change seemingly marks the end of an association between the two companies that stretches back to 2018.

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Download the latest OnePlus 7 and 7T series Open Betas, with snazzy new ambient display clocks

OnePlus has just posted downloadable images for the latest Oxygen OS Open Beta updates across the entire 7 and 7T series. Both updates (Open Beta 4 for the 7T/7T Pro and Open Beta 14 for the 7/7 Pro) include a handful of the usual bug fixes and improvements, plus May security patches, but there are two noteworthy features: Call recordings now appear in call history (in markets that have that feature), and the ambient display feature has picked up some eminently snazzy new clock styles.

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OnePlus 6/6T and 7/7T series pick up May patch and a lot more with their latest OxygenOS updates

OnePlus has lately stepped up its software-update game following a brief setback late last year. The company’s been taking a proactive approach to release timely major — as well as incremental — updates even to some of its oldest phones, and the newer 7 and 7T lineup have also been consistently receiving their fair share of attention in the form of performance improvements and general optimizations. Keeping up with that spirit, over the past couple of days OnePlus has pushed a buttload of feature and security updates across its range going back to 2018 — including the 6/6T, along with the 7 and 7T series.

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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro 4G/5G US network bands and compatibility: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Whether you're on T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T, the new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will probably meet your connectivity needs, as the phones support almost every 4G LTE and 5G band currently deployed in any significant area of the United States. Just in case, though, here's a quick guide that should let you understand how the phone will perform on each carrier's network. This information comes direct from OnePlus' own documentation for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro so you can trust it's accurate.

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OnePlus resorts to rationing 8 Pro supply in European markets

OnePlus can't churn out its flagship 8 Pro as quickly as people are demanding them, which is proving to be a bit of a problem. We've already learned that the shortage in the US is causing them to sell for hundreds over sticker, but there are supply issues elsewhere in the world, too. OnePlus has just announced that it will be utilizing flash sales for the 8 Pro in European markets to alleviate these problems.

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OxygenOS 10 update brings Android 10 to OnePlus 5 and 5T — download links now available

We knew that the Android 10 update for the OnePlus 5 and 5T was just around the corner as the company has been conducting beta trials over the past month. The third Android 10 build came out last week with a long list of fixes and improvements, and now it looks like that was the final beta. A few users took to online forums to report that the two 2017 flagships have started receiving their stable Android 10 OxygenOS builds, though only in small numbers.

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