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Nextbit's Robin Kickstarter Has Already Hit The $500k Goal, Announces $1 Million Stretch Goal

People are apparently interested in the Nextbit Robin smartphone with its cloud-centric features. The Kickstarter campaign has already hit the modest $500,000 goal, so the company is doing a $1 million stretch goal. If the campaign hits that, everyone gets a quick charger included with the phone.

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New Smartphone Maker Nextbit Debuts Robin, A Cloud-Focused Handset With A $500k Kickstarter Funding Goal And Pretty Compelling Specs

Ready for a new smartphone from a new smartphone maker that you can only get from a new Kickstarter page? Nextbit hopes so. The company that's made from ex-Android and HTC employees has announced its debut smartphone, Robin.

Nextbit comes from the minds of former Android employees Tom Moss and Mike Chan, along with former HTC designer Scott Croyle, who led the team that brought us the HTC One M7 and M8. Robin's design, if nothing else, is unique. The phone is rectangular with sharp corners and pastel colors. Though with the inclusion of a black border around the screen along with speaker grills at the top and bottom, you can see some lingering aspects of HTC design.

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Startup Nextbit Plans To Launch A Smartphone, Will Offer Details In The Coming Weeks

Nextbit hasn't been in the news much since its public debut last year, but that's mostly because its services are geared toward OEMs. The last we heard from Nextbit, its Baton multi-device app sync service was entering the testing phase on CyanogenMod. That was last year, but now the company is taking on a new challenge—hardware. Nextbit plans to launch a phone.

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Startup Nextbit Announces 'Baton' For CyanogenMod With App Syncing, Backup, And Restore

Using multiple devices is still very clunky, even with synchronization features like those offered by Google. A startup called Nextbit is looking to change that with a product called Baton. The goal is to make switching from one device to another completely seamless, and it's coming to CyanogenMod soon as a private beta.

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