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Paranoid Android now supports Nextbit Robin, updates OnePlus 3 ROM

Earlier in the year, Paranoid Android made a comeback with a clean, well-built ROM and support for a number of Nexus and OnePlus devices. Since then, they've only updated the ROM three times, but they've all included a significant amount of changes. Now, thanks to a PA-Nextbit partnership, the ROM is available for the Nextbit Robin. In addition, the OnePlus 3's ROM has been updated with some new features.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Nextbit Robin for just $199 (50% off) for Amazon's Gold Box deal today

The Nextbit Robin, a crowdfunding idea that actually came to fruition, can be had at a massive discount through Amazon's daily Gold Box deal. Originally $399, for today only you can get it at a paltry $199. If you're on a GSM carrier, there's a lot to like here, especially at the price.

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Nextbit announces Ember color variant for $299, adds video support for backups in August update

Ever since its start as a Kickstarter campaign, the Nextbit Robin has been available in two color schemes: Mint and Midnight. Now a third color is joining the ranks, and it's just as interesting and even a little bolder and brighter than the Mint variant: Ember.

The colorway mixes black sides and back with bright red (a little magenta'ish if you ask me) end caps, power button, and volume button. It's striking to say the least, especially with the buttons on the sides popping right off the black plastic. Here are a couple more pictures from different angles.

nextbit-ember-2 nextbit-ember-3

The Ember variant is produced in limited quantity and will sell for the same $299 as the other colors.

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[Deal Alert] Nextbit Robin on sale for $239 for Amazon Prime Day [Update: Still live after Prime Day]

The Nextbit Robin is a fine phone with a neat design. The original $399 was a little high, though. Even the new $299 price direct from Nextbit can be pushing it when there are so many great budget phones. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, this phone is on mega-discount today. You can get the Robin for a mere $239.

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[Update: Winner] Win a MintNight Nextbit Robin from Nextbit and Android Police

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.

Jevon M.

The Nextbit Robin is a very likeable phone, and at just $299 now, it's a deal. But how about winning one for free? That's why you're here, isn't it? We're giving away one MintNight - an exclusive black and mint color combo version pictured at center above - Nextbit Robin in cooperation with Nextbit today.

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Nextbit makes cryptic claim of vastly improved battery life in Q4 software update

The Nextbit Robin is a solid phone, especially with the new lower price and a recent software update that improved the camera. According to a Nextbit announcement post with the charming title "Damn, Nextbit. At it again," a software update in Q4 of this year will make your battery last significantly longer. How? Nextbit isn't saying.

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Nextbit launches a beta tester program for Robin owners

The Nextbit Robin is a nice phone, but it's the software that makes or breaks the experience. People who purchase one are not merely getting nice hardware and specs, they're buying the idea of using remote servers to offload apps and data they've run out of space for on their phones.

Nextbit designs this software, and now it's looking for testers.

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[Deal Alert] The Nextbit Robin Is Again Down To $299 ($100 Off) On Amazon

Nextbit dropped the price of its first smartphone a few weeks back when it launched on Amazon, but that $100 off promotion was only for a limited time. Now, here we are just a month later and the device is on sale again. You can snag the Robin in mint or midnight colorways for $299.

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The Nextbit Robin Will Launch In India On May 30 For Rs. 19,999 (About $300)

The Nextbit Robin is an interesting phone. It might not be the best device you can get, but it sure does have a unique style and cloud-based feature set. Now, the Robin is expanding to India, and the price is a bit lower than in other markets at Rs. 19,999, which is the equivalent of around $300. It's $100 more in the US.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Is Selling The Nextbit Robin For $299 From May 4 Till May 10 ($100 Off)

The Nextbit Robin is one of the rare success stories of smartphone crowdfunding. The company delivered the product in a decent timeline and didn't skimp on its hardware or software promises, even if its approach isn't exactly perfect right now or suited for everyone as Ryan pointed out in his detailed review. Nextbit is also following up on the Robin with software updates, recently releasing Android 6.0.1 with plenty of fixes bundled in. And if the Robin's hardware is your cup of tea but you prefer a different software layer, you can grab TWRP to be ready to flash different ROMs and mods to the phone, like the newly released CM 13 nightly.

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