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Moto G9 and G9 Play announced with 5,000mAh batteries and 48MP cameras

It's hard to believe that the Moto G series has gone through nine iterations already, but here we are. Motorola has just announced the Moto G9 for India, as well as the Moto G9 Play for Germany. Both phones have identical specifications, save for one small detail: the G9 Play has a Google Assistant button on the side.

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Verizon brings Android 10 to Moto G7 Play and Power

Verizon has brought Android 10 to both the Moto G7 Play and Power after Motorola first started distributing the upgrade for those phones throughout Latin America in June.

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The Pixel 5 might have a lower-end chipset, but we're not worried, and here's why

Of the available evidence, everything points to a Snapdragon 765G powering the anticipated Pixel 5, and that's caused a lot of spec-gazers to cast a doubtful eye on Google's upcoming phone. Prior to the Pixel 5, every Pixel phone used the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series chipset, the most powerful SoCs available on the open market. With the 765G, though, we don't necessarily think Google's made a bad move—we've been using phones with the new high-end-of-the-mid-range Qualcomm chip—like the OnePlus Nord—and we're impressed. And we think there's really no reason the Pixel 5 really needs to full-fat 865 as a result.

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Lolwut: Motorola just announced... an inflatable chair

Hold on to your seats, as this story is about to blow up your mind — and possibly the seat too. Motorola, yes the same Motorola we know, the one who was bought by Lenovo and gets mentioned here because of its phones, is getting pumped up because of its latest announcement: an inflatable chair with a name that rolls off the tongue, the MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR).

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Motorola One Fusion+ coming unlocked to US for $400, pop-up selfie cam and all

The eye-watering price tag of Moto’s long-awaited flagship necessitated a mid-ranger that could stand as a more affordable alternative to the high-end Edge+. We had an inkling that a new Motorola phone fitting the description was on its way, thanks to a leak from, strangely enough, YouTube. In line with that leaked description, the Lenovo-owned brand has now announced the One Fusion+ with some prominent, stand-out features and a more reasonable price.

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Motorola Edge review: Lasts so long on a charge you'll get tired of holding it

Motorola took a few years off from making flagship phones, but 2020 was supposed to be its big chance to get back into the high-end. Well, it's a lot harder to sell a $1,000 phone in the midst of a global pandemic, but maybe a somewhat cheaper phone has a shot? The new Motorola Edge is the pared-down version of the Edge+ that launched a few months ago. Unlike that phone, this one is unlocked and has a Snapdragon 765 for 5G connectivity rather than the 865.

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Pick up the Moto G7 Power for just $160 from Amazon ($20 off)

Motorola makes some of the best budget smartphones in the US. Its Moto G7 Power isn't just affordable, but packing a 5,000mAh battery, it should last a loooong time. It's been selling at $179.99 on Amazon for the past few months, but now you can get your hands on the G7 Power for $159.99, a discount of $20.

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Motorola releases Android 10 kernel source for the Edge, One Fusion+, and G7 Power

Customizability has always been a key component of Android, with third-party developers being able to modify and create their own tweaked builds of the software. When companies release the kernel source for their devices, it makes this process much easier. Motorola may not have the best reputation when it comes to software updates, but it's usually pretty good about releasing this low-level code, and it's doing so now with the Motorola One Fusion+, Motorola Edge, and Moto G7 Power Android 10 kernel sources.

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Motorola Edge, unlocked for all US carriers, goes on pre-order starting at $500

In April, Motorola brought out the Edge+, a Verizon-exclusive $1,000 phone that broke away from the Moto Z monotony with invigorated industrial design and integrated 5G connectivity. What we kinda glossed over — with fair reason given what little detail we had then — is the fact that the company also launched a mid-range 5G phone with similar looks called the Edge in Europe. Well, that device has made its way stateside, unlocked, and with a couple key spec boosts to boot.

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Grab the new Moto 360 for $200 ($100 off), its lowest price yet

The new Moto 360 smartwatch (which isn't made by Motorola) with Google's Wear OS was nearly impossible to recommend when it was first released, mostly because it was priced at $350. That was an absurd cost, especially when Fossil's Gen 5 watches are around $250, but now the 360 has dropped to a much more reasonable $199.99 at multiple retailers.

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