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Moto Camera update brings live filters, leveler UI, and histogram support, teases AR Sticker roll-out

For a stock camera app, Motorola's Camera 2 is pretty feature-rich, and in an update last December, it added even more options like a selfie portrait mode and support for watermarking. The app has been updated again, bringing live filters, a leveler UI, and some pro-mode tweaks.
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Moto G6 drops to $170 ($70 off) on Amazon for Prime Exclusive, $180 for regular version

If you're looking for something a bit bigger and/or newer than the Moto X4, which we posted a deal on earlier today, then this one might be more your speed. Amazon is offering the Prime Exclusive version of the G6 for $169.99, with the regular model coming in at $179.99.

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Mid-range madness: Grab a Moto X4 for just $140 with Alexa or $150 without

While high-end smartphones may be getting more expensive, a lot of average consumers could do just fine with a mid-range phone. The Moto X4 is one such device, and the 32GB/3GB RAM variant is currently on sale from $140 at multiple retailers.

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18 months after it was promised, Moto G4 Plus gets updated to Android Oreo

If you're still rocking a Moto G4 Plus, you'll be pleased to know that Motorola is finally rolling out Android Oreo to your device. It was only 18 months ago that the company issued a statement promising the update, and it seems it is just now getting around to it. Better late than never, right?

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Moto Z3 Play's Pie release notes published, hinting at forthcoming update

Back in August, Motorola published a list of eight phones that it planned to update to Android 9 Pie. Fast forward six months, and the Moto Z3 Play has finally had its Pie release notes published. We haven't seen any reports of the update actually being pulled just yet, but it should be hitting devices any day now.

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Google Fi confirms it will sell the Moto G7


Moto G7, G7 Power, and G7 Play hands-on: Is Moto losing the thread?

Motorola enjoyed massive success with the original Moto G phone. It came along at a time when reasonably priced unlocked phones were virtually non-existent, but the Moto G was soon joined by other low-cost devices. The value proposition has weakened over time as those other low-cost phones crowd the market, but the G-series has largely carried Motorola. The company didn't even bother to launch a full-fledged Moto Z flagship phone in 2018—the Z3 was a Verizon-exclusive phone engineered merely to plug into the still-unreleased 5G mod.

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[Update: New G6 Play release] Motorola releases Oreo kernel source code for Moto G6 Play and E5 Play

Back in April, Motorola introduced six - yes, six - smartphones simultaneously. Three belonged to the Moto G6 line, and the other three were in the Moto E5 family. The company has now published the Oreo source codes for the Moto G6 Play and E5 Play.

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Google Fi is offering the Moto X4 plus $50 in service credit for $149 with activation

The Moto X4 launched in late 2017 for $400. That was too much money. Now, though, Google Fi is offering the device for next to nothing with activation — $149, or $6.20 a month — and throwing in 50 bucks of Fi service credit along with it. It's hard to argue with that.

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[Update: Back in stock] The Moto X4 is down to $165 ($135 off) at B&H while this crazy deal lasts

Over the weekend, a lot of you perked up your proverbial ears to a deal we posted about the Moto X4. Fry's was selling it for $189.99, which isn't a bad price. But here comes B&H to steal the thunder with an even better offer: use a $25 off coupon and you can have a Moto X4 for just $165. Yep, you read that right.

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