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[Deal Alert] The Unlocked 32GB Moto X Pure Edition Is Down $100 To $350 As Amazon's Daily Deal

The Moto X Pure Edition is Motorola's third generation Moto X (aka Moto X 2015 or Moto X Style internationally). After two years of refinements, this most recent model got bigger and more powerful, but remained rather affordable compared to other companies' flagships. When Ryan reviewed it back in October, he said it was a joy to use and that the $400 you would put down on the 16GB version might be the best investment you could make on a smartphone. So how about $350 for the 32GB model? My math tells me that sounds even better.

If you like the feel of $100 more dollars in your pocket when buying a new smartphone, you'll be happy to know that Amazon has a daily deal today on the unlocked Moto X Pure Edition. You

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The Moto X Style (The International One) Is Being Updated To Android 6.0 Too

Earlier this week Motorola began rolling out the official Marshmallow over-the-air update to the Moto X Pure Edition. That's the weird-ass name that Motorola gave the US version of its latest flagship - the international version, which differs only in carrier support, is called the Moto X Style. According to at least one of our readers in the United Kingdom, the Moto X Style is now receiving its Android 6.0 upgrade as well.

The rollout will almost certainly be staggered by territory, so I would imagine that it's propagating across Western Europe at the moment. Other locations will probably follow over the next couple of weeks if they're not being served already.

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Motorola Says The Moto X Pure Edition Is Now Being Updated To Marshmallow On Verizon, Sprint, And US Cellular

Owners of the Moto X Pure Edition, ostensibly Motorola's flagship US phone at the moment, should be receiving the over-the-air update to Android 6.0 soon. That's according to Motorola employee David Schuster, who has shed light on upcoming updates many times before. He told his Google+ followers earlier today that the Marshmallow upgrade is currently being sent out to those Moto X Pure Edition phones on Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular. The updates follow shortly after the soak tests from last week.

Recall that the Pure Edition, which is compatible with all five major carriers in the US, is being sold directly from Motorola and isn't being distributed through carriers at all.

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The Moto X Pure Edition Gets A Soak Test For Android 6.0 In The United States

Despite some recent controversy surrounding their upgrade policies, Motorola is still one of the fastest Android manufacturers on the draw when it comes to full version updates to their phones (at least the more expensive ones). The Moto X Pure Edition, the somewhat odd name for the unlocked version of the Moto X Style sold in the United States, is getting its first major bump since release soon. According to at least one of our readers, the soak test for Marshmallow is coming in hot after some initial testing back in October.

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Limited Edition Moto X Pure With Jonathan Adler Designs Up For Pre-Order, Priced At $474.99 With 32GB Of Storage

The Moto X is the most customizable smartphone on the market—you can already get various colors, leathers, and wood panels, but now there are limited edition devices with designs by Jonathan Adler. I'm not going to pretend I know who he is, but apparently he's quite popular with people whose sense of interior design goes beyond video game posters.

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Real Yarn Went Into The Production Of Motorola's 'Stitch' Boot Animation Currently Making Its Way To More Devices

Do you know what appears when your phone boots up? Nexus devices have this spunky way of showing off the Android logo. Other manufacturers have their own way of introducing their brand. Motorola tends to get particularly creative.

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Motorola Starts Android 6.0 Rollout For A Couple Devices, But Brazil And India Only For Now

As part of Google, Motorola garnished a reputation for speedy updates. These days the company has a new owner, and those OTAs don't seem to come out as reliably as they used to. But Motorola hasn't gone back on its promise to bring Marshmallow to something, and now it's beginning its rollout for the 2015 Moto X Style and the 2014 Moto X, according to Senior Director David Schuster.

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Motorola Is Already Testing Marshmallow On The Moto X Pure Edition, No Soak Test Just Yet

Motorola started to cultivate a reputation for reliable and quick Android updates after the company was acquired by Google... then began to shoot itself in the foot following the Marshmallow release. It looks like the company is still interested in timely updates for its flagship phones, at least: Motorola Senior Director David Schuster told his Google+ followers that engineers have already begun testing Android 6.0 on the Moto X Pure Edition (that's the new Moto X Style if you live outside the US).

"There have been a couple reports of a Marshmallow "soak test" that has started for Moto X 2015 Pure Edition.

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An Open Letter To Motorola: Start Promising A Concrete Period Of Update Support To Your Customers Or Start Losing Them

Last week, Motorola announced its plans in regard to devices it would be upgrading to Android Marshmallow. Missing from that list were the 2013 Moto X, the 2014 Moto X on AT&T and Verizon, and both the 2014 and 2015 Moto E. Users were understandably upset by the latter two models, which in the case of the Moto E 2015 resulted in a phone that had barely 7 months of software support - despite Motorola marketing it on the promise of not leaving customers "behind."

This is unacceptable. The Moto X 2014 on AT&T and Verizon perhaps even more so given those phones have barely been available a year now and are already seeing software support dropped - and Motorola's got 20 pages of complaints supporting that view.

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Moto X Pure Edition (2015) Review: A Great Phone For A Great Price

The original Moto X was a modestly sized phone with modest specs, but it's gotten more powerful and bigger each year. Now, the third-generation Moto X is a true phablet with flagship specs, but the price is still quite reasonable. After experimenting with carrier exclusives and subsidies, the company is going it alone with the new Moto X Pure Edition (AKA the Moto X Style outside the US).

This phone starts at $399 and is not being sold through any carriers. It still has Moto Maker customizations, and some of Motorola's past shortcomings have been addressed. So, has Motorola finally hit one out of the park, or is it overshadowed by more expensive phones?

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