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Moto adds its file manager app to the Play Store for easy updates

Motorola was the first major smartphone maker to start putting its stock apps in the Play Store. Before that, OEMs would only update those apps as part of an OTA update. It sounds positively barbaric by today's standards. Motorola isn't done yet, though. Just today it added its stock file manager to the Play Store. You won't see much in the way of improvements this time, but who knows what the future could bring?

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[Deal Alert] Moto G4 on sale for $50 off via Amazon ($150 16GB and $180 32GB)

The Moto G4 is not the most exciting phone in the world, but it's an incredible value. That's when it's not on sale. Right now, you can get the Moto G4 from Amazon for $50 off, making it almost too good to pass up. It's as cheap as $150 today, and this is the version without lock screen ads.

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Motorola confirms the bootloader on the Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto G4 can't be unlocked

Motorola's relationship with unlockable bootloaders, and thus with the ROM-flashing aftermarket community, can be summed up as "complicated." While its default approach is to offer a consumer-friendly bootloader unlock on most of its phones, it nonetheless bows to the whims of its carrier masters (Verizon and AT&T) whenever they insist that said feature be disabled, and they don't offer those handy full-price Developer Editions anymore, either. Add Amazon to the list, because the retailer's customized, super-cheap edition of the fourth-generation Moto G can't be bootloader unlocked.

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Moto G4 and G4 Plus review: Still the best budget phone you can buy

Motorola has had a strange couple of years. It was making some interesting, though mediocre phones, then it was acquired by Google. Then, it started making great phones. Before we could truly enjoy the new Motorola, the company was sold off to Chinese mega-firm Lenovo. We all worried what this would mean for Motorola, and now we're seeing the first products from the new-new Moto—the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus.

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[Deal Alert] Moto G4 16GB $124.99 and 32GB $154.99 with Amazon offers and ads for Prime members ($75 off)

The Moto G4 is about to launch in the US on July 12 for prices starting $199.99. However, you can get it much cheaper today if you are an Amazon Prime member and you don't mind seeing ads on your lockscreen. How much cheaper? How about $75 less? Yes, that covers 75% of the cost of a yearly Prime membership and puts the Moto G4 at a ridiculously cheap price.

This is possible thanks to Amazon's newly announced Prime Exclusive Phones venture, which basically subsidizes the price of new unlocked phones by putting Amazon apps and ads on your lockscreen. It's the Kindle Fire approach applied to non-Amazon devices.

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Amazon is now selling unlocked phones at a discount in exchange for giving you bloatware and ads

I can't say I saw this coming: Amazon is getting into the unlocked smartphone business in a big way starting today. By selling you phones for a lower price... in exchange for bloatware and lockscreen ads. Yep, seriously.

Amazon announced today that the BLU R1 HD and the Moto G4 (not the Plus, though) are the first Amazon Prime Exclusive smartphones in the US. Both phones are $50 off their standard retail prices, making the BLU R1 HD just $49.99 and Moto G4 just $149.99 (the 32GB is $179.99). Amazon is even offering an additional $25 off the Moto G4 with offers and ads today as part of a special launch promo, bringing it down to $124.99 for Prime members.

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Best Buy and B&H Photo are both offering $50 gift cards with the 2016 Moto G and G Plus

The early reactions to Motorola's new generation of hardware have been tepid at best. Even so, if you're one of the people looking forward to the recently-announced US launch for the 2016 version of the Moto G and the new G Plus, Motorola is hoping to sweeten the pot on the already budget-priced phones. Both Best Buy and B&H Photos are offering free $50 gift cards to their respective stores for early buyers.

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The Moto G4 family is coming to the US on July 12, starting at $199.99

Motorola announced the new fourth-gen Moto G family of devices back in May, but the phones have thus far only come out in Brazil and India. US consumers will get their chance to pick up the new Moto G in just a few weeks. Motorola will begin selling the devices on July 12th with prices starting at $199.99.

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Motorola Releases Camera Tuning App For Moto G4 In The Play Store

Most phones require a few software tweaks after being released, which are delivered as OTA updates. One of the main things being improved is the camera performance, but Motorola won't have to do that with the new Moto G. There's a new "Camera tuner" app in the Play Store that can handle that in lieu of a full OTA.

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TWRP Released For Five New Devices, Including Xiaomi Mi Max, NVIDIA Shield Portable, Moto G4, And More

It's time for a hot and fresh batch of TWRP releases, everyone. Today, we've got five new devices that now officially support TeamWin Recovery Project, for all of your flashing and recovery needs. Those devices and their respective links are, in no particular order:

As something in the way of a housekeeping note, the NVIDIA Shield Portable has long had unofficial TWRP support, but this is the first time it has actually received a proper, stable TWRP release. Surprising, I guess. The Xiaomi Mi Max just launched, so TWRP contributors wasted no time there, and the same goes for the Moto G4 (the G4 Plus should have no need for a separate recovery image - they're basically the same phone in regard to firmware).

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