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LineageOS 17.1 adds official support for OnePlus 2, Moto X Play, and other phones

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM around, and version 17.1 is based on the newest Android 10 release. The Lineage project has been slowly updating older devices to 17.1, and in the time since our previous coverage, even more devices have arrived in the official roster.

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TWRP now available for HTC U Ultra, Xiaomi Mi Max, and more

We already covered the TWRP 3.1.0 update, which brings several new features and bug fixes to the massively-popular custom recovery. TWRP is also expanding official support to several new devices, including the HTC U Ultra and Xiaomi Mi Max.

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CyanogenMod 14.1 (Android 7.1) will roll out soon to the Nexus 6P, OnePlus 3, LG G4, and others

There was a time some years ago that CyanogenMod was the surest way to get the latest build of Android on your phone. It's a little slower these days, but development continues to chug along. The CM team hopes to roll out the first nightly builds of CM14.1 later tonight, but not all devices will be supported right away.

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Moto adds its file manager app to the Play Store for easy updates

Motorola was the first major smartphone maker to start putting its stock apps in the Play Store. Before that, OEMs would only update those apps as part of an OTA update. It sounds positively barbaric by today's standards. Motorola isn't done yet, though. Just today it added its stock file manager to the Play Store. You won't see much in the way of improvements this time, but who knows what the future could bring?

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Is Selling The Moto G 3rd Gen For $149.99 ($30 Off), While B&H Is Offering An Additional 32GB MicroSD Card And $20 Gift Card At The Same Price

I'm a big fan of the 3rd gen Moto G. For the price of a down payment on a flagship, you get a competent smartphone that most people wouldn't know was inexpensive. With a 720p 5-inch display, the phone looks and feels like a high-end smartphone from a couple of years ago.

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Moto X Force Now Available In India, 2015 Moto G Variants On Amazon India Too

Android aficionados in India have a few more options today when it comes time to get a new device, courtesy of Motorola. As promised, the Moto X Force is on sale, and the previously available Moto G variants have come to Amazon India.

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Motorola Releases Android 6.0 Kernel Source For The 2015 Moto G

The open source code from Motorola's third-gen Moto G was first made available back in August, but now the company has added the Marshmallow version to its Github. Interested parties can head over and download all the code to begin poking around inside.

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Motorola Announces Android 6.0 Update For 2015 Moto G In India


Real Yarn Went Into The Production Of Motorola's 'Stitch' Boot Animation Currently Making Its Way To More Devices

Do you know what appears when your phone boots up? Nexus devices have this spunky way of showing off the Android logo. Other manufacturers have their own way of introducing their brand. Motorola tends to get particularly creative.

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Republic Wireless Launching 3rd Gen Moto G On October 27th For $199 (8GB) Or $229 (16GB) [Update]

The hybrid cellular-WiFi carrier Republic Wireless is launching a new budget device this month, and it's a good one. The 3rd generation Moto G will be available for purchase from Republic on October 27th in both 8GB and 16GB versions. The pricing isn't as competitive as past Republic Wireless phones have been, but the Moto G is a crazy-good deal already.

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