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[Update: Moto 360 models, too] Huawei Watch 1 and 2 Wear OS v2.17 update brings speed improvements, UI refresh

The first Huawei Watch has long been held up as a prime example of a Wear OS device, while its successor, the Huawei Watch 2, didn't fare so well with critics. Both, however, benefit from a surprisingly active joint community of fans that are eager for all the latest updates. Android Police's tips inbox lit up with a flurry of activity when new UI changes courtesy of Wear OS v2.17 began to roll out over the past day, with users reporting that their devices now felt much smoother and faster.

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[Update: Rolling out now] Motorola appears poised to finally update the Moto 360 Sport to Android Wear 2.0

A lot of things have changed over at Moto following the takeover by Lenovo. For instance, the phones are modular and the watches are... nonexistent. The company still supports the older wearables, although owners of the Moto 360 Sport might disagree there. They've been waiting on an update to Android Wear 2.0 for ages, but it looks like the OTA is finally about to roll out.

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[It's about time] Android Wear 2.0 is now rolling out to the 2nd-generation Moto 360

Android Wear 2.0 hasn't been as fast of a rollout as everyone had hoped, to put it mildly. The first watches to ship with the update were LG's Watch Style and Watch Sport, but existing watches have had to wait anywhere from a few weeks to several months for the update.

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[Deal Alert] Moto 360 v2 on sale as low as $189.99 at B&H

The price of new Android Wear devices is still quite high, but many of the watches released a year or two ago are almost as capable as the new ones. Plus, they're cheap now. Case in point, you can get the Moto 360 v2 from B&H for as little as $190, and that's for the super-fancy gold metal version.

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Huawei Watch, Moto 360 Gen 2, and other watches should get Android Wear 2.0 by end of April or late May

We're impatiently waiting for Android Wear 2.0 to roll to some of the most popular watches released: the second generation Moto 360 and the Huawei Watch. There are also other watches that still haven't received the update and weeks are passing by quickly without a hint of when exactly we should expect the new firmware to hit.

Android Wear support forums' community manager Ernest has posted an update a few hours ago explaining the situation with the different Wear watches and their update timelines. He reiterated the watches that have already received the update, but most importantly, he said that the remaining models should receive their updates by end of April or late May.

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Here is the complete list of every watch getting Android Wear 2.0

Google has given us an official, updated list of every Android Wear smartwatch being upgraded to version 2.0 of the platform as part of its announcement of the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport today. The list of devices receiving the update follows.

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The second-generation Moto 360 has been removed from the Google Store

The original Moto 360 was the smartwatch to have - the first with a round display (barring the 'flat tire'), and one of the first powered by Android Wear. Unfortunately, the lack of an always-on display, the ancient TI OMAP 3 processor, and small battery were sources of frustration for early adopters. The second-generation model fixed many of the original's shortcomings, but it did arrive with a hefty price tag of $300.

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[Deal Alert] Moto 360 Sport down to $89.99 ($110 off) for orange model, $99.99 ($100 off) for white model at B&H

The Moto 360 Sport first showed up in stores in January, at the high price of $299.99 USD. Just four months later, it was removed from the Google Store, and the price has continued to drop since then. Now you can grab the Flame orange model for just $89.99 and the White model for $99.99, a massive $110 and $100 drop respectively from the later $199 MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Motorola's fitness-oriented Moto 360 Sport is just $103.99 on Amazon right now ($96 off)

The Moto 360 Sport goes on sale pretty frequently, but that doesn't discount the fact that it's a pretty good smartwatch, especially for exercise use (if you couldn't already glean that from the name and the design). Currently, you can grab a white 360 Sport on Amazon for just $103.99 - that's nearly 50% off its MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 42mm Moto 360 2nd Gen with a $50 Visa prepaid card for only $199.99


On the prowl for a cheap, round Android Wear smartwatch? The ZenWatch 3 is a good option, but if you fancy something a little less steampunk for a little less money, look no further than this latest Moto 360 deal. Verizon is offering up the 42mm second-generation Moto 360 in black for just $199.99. That in itself is already a decent discount, but the free $50 Visa prepaid card is the cherry on top.

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