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Motorola Updates Its Gallery App With A New Icon, Better Sorting, And More

Motorola bundles a number of custom apps with its devices these days, including a gallery app with some handy features. This app has gotten an update through the Play Store that adds a few new features, improves some others, and includes support for more devices.

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Verizon's Now Selling The DROID TURBO In Blue—Get One Before It Realizes This Color Doesn't Match Its Brand


[Not Lollipop] Verizon Sends Out OTA To Droid Turbo With Some Minor Fixes

There were rumors of a Lollipop soak test for the Droid Turbo on Verizon a few weeks ago, and now that update is rolling out. Guess what—it's not Lollipop. The new update, version 21.44.12 is a small KitKat bug fix for some calling issues and a few other software bugs.

Here's the changelog for the new OTA.

  • Fixes for low call volume issues
  • Email application fixes
  • DROID Command Center Widget update Fixes to reflect up to date weather

The update should arrive on your device in the next few days.

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Verizon Leak Shows Release Dates For The Nexus 6, The Galaxy Core Prime, And The DROID Turbo In Sapphire Blue

If you've been waiting for Verizon's carrier-branded version of the Nexus 6 to hit stores so you can save a little cash on a subsidized phone, you won't have to wait much longer. A tipster sent a photo to Android Police that appears to show a rollout schedule for Verizon's next round of phone releases displayed on a company intranet or presentation. The Nexus 6 (or at least Verizon's model with a scarlet V) is scheduled to be released on February 26th.

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Motorola Migrate App Updated With Improved Non-Smartphone Contact Transfer, iCloud Two-Factor Authentication Support, And More

Motorola makes it easy to get all your stuff on (or off) a Moto X, Moto G, and other Moto phones with the Migrate app. It's seen a few significant design changes in the wake of Android 5.0, and today it's getting another update. This one is mostly adding new functionality, but the UI has a few minor tweaks too.

2015-01-16 16.23.30 2015-01-16 16.25.29

Left: old, Right: new

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[Not Lollipop] Droid Turbo OTA Update Brings Advanced Calling 1.0 Support And Minor Fixes [Update]

Verizon is rolling out an update to the Droid Turbo, and before you get excited, it's not Lollipop. While the Moto X on Verizon has already hit v5.0, Big Red has more control over what happens with the Droid phones. What this update does include is Verizon's VoLTE implementation known as Advanced Calling 1.0.

2014-12-11 12_54_39-www.verizonwireless.com_dam_support_pdf_system_update_benefits-droid-turbo-ac-12

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The Moto Maxx Is Official: A DROID Turbo Sans Verizon Branding, Coming To Brazil And Mexico Soon

So, the brief previews of the Moto Maxx that made it look like a de-branded DROID Turbo turned out to be right on the money. Motorola just announced the device on its official blog, complete with a spec list that matches Verizon's DROID flagship spec for spec. This generic version of the phone has the same fantastic screen, processor, battery, and camera combo... but you're not going to get your hands on the Moto Maxx any time soon unless you live in Brazil or Mexico.

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'Moto Maxx,' Possibly A DROID Turbo Variant For Non-US Markets, Spotted On Google+

Verizon's ongoing DROID program means that most of the phones sold under the label will never appear on other US carriers. When the DROID Turbo was announced last week as one of the most high-end phones to come this year, more than a few of our commenters said that they'd prefer it to the Nexus 6 (also made by Motorola) due to its smaller size, if only a non-locked GSM version was available.

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Motorola Flip Case App Supports The New Window Case For The DROID Turbo

The new DROID Turbo for Verizon is a beast of a phone, but Motorola isn't letting it stand alone. The company also announced a proprietary see-through case for the device, with the somewhat benign name "Droid Turbo Flip Case." It's a pretty standard full-body flip case offered in either leather or nylon, but it includes a screen cutout and a transparent cover that lets you view the phone's active notifications, or even answer a call or take a photo, without opening the case.

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Verizon Makes The DROID Turbo Official: A Beefed-Up Moto X With A Monster Battery, Launching Thursday For $200 On Contract

Verizon's yearly update of the DROID line is today, and once again Motorola has borrowed heavily from its Moto X flagship to make the carrier's customized phone. For 2014 there's only one new Motorola DROID, as opposed to three models last year and the year before. Say hello to the DROID Turbo, if you haven't already checked out nearly every detail that's been leaked. It will be available from Verizon's retailers and online store on Thursday, October 30th starting at $199.99 on-contract.

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